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Maybe the UN should take control of the internet

I apologize for this image. (Not really.)


14 Comments on Maybe the UN should take control of the internet

  1. I think I was in line behind that at Walmart the other day.

  2. BFH and MJA sure have a big butt fixation tonight. What’s up with that?

  3. If that thing farts, they’ll never know what hit them.

  4. If that thing farts the flame is in a bad spot. It gonna go from balloon to jet in a heart beat.

  5. Shouldn’t Shithead have to explain to we the people why he is relinquishing control of the Internet?
    How does it help America, the people he is supposed to represent?

  6. Hey Joe, put the gun down, and realize that the mulatto in the White House doesn’t give a shit about you or anybody else.

  7. Americans should stop trying to understand Barry Hussein and just accept and embrace the facts that he HATES AMERICA, he never intended to keep his oath of office that he swore to twice on the Koran, that he is hell bent to destroy America and every facet of our nation, its Constitution and Bill of Rights, and us. Then the prick hides behind the SS, and flashes his ass at us constantly. When he grows bored doing that, and wants to play golf and travel, then he turns it over to his beard Moochell. and then he hopes Hitllery will take over if he can’t stay. Someone said that the prediction of major earthquake hitting California is soon to happen. Watch him try to put off elections. Hell he probably is setting off underground nukes to cause the major quake. These thieves are despicable. Any amount of human lives killed to get their way is not a problem for Dhimmocrats. More dead voters signed up for Dhimmocrats.

  8. The last time I saw anything like that, I was at Sea World.

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