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Mayor Jim Hammond  is a Doosh

Lock me up, mayor.


The high school student suspected of yelling racial slurs at a women’s basketball team during March Madness will not be charged by Idaho prosecutors. A statement by Coeur d’Alene city attorneys called the taunts racist and misogynistic but said they were protected speech, so Anthony Myers’ conduct was not criminal. The University of Utah team was staying in Idaho while playing in Spokane, Washington. Myers, 18, admitted using the N-word and referring to a sex act while hollering at the team as it walked to a restaurant in what he called an attempt to be funny. “I’m disappointed there’s not some form of community service that child can perform to be held accountable,” Mayor Jim Hammond said, per the Spokesman-Review in Spokane.


What is wrong with this a-hole?

Jail-time for words? And it seems it’s only magic words.

What a dumb cuck.

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  1. His parents must be so proud.

    I know there are a lot of parents that frequent this site; what would you do if Anthony was your son and he got caught yelling ,”F@cking Nig–” to a complete stranger in a restaurant?

  2. If he were my kid.
    He would learn what a bar of soap tastes like.
    (Big bite, chew, here honey have some water)
    Not that I think his speech isn’t free, it would be to impart a little respect.

  3. I hear that Lifebuoy can cause you to go blind. This shouldn’t have happened in Coeur d’ Alene or anywhere else for that matter. CDA is about 35 miles E of where I live and makes us look bad because of the actions of one stupid kid who needs to have his ass whooped by his parents and also held accountable by the Kootenai County courts so it doesn’t happen again.


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