Mayor Proposes That Welfare Recipient Names Be Published

Progressives Today:

Liberals are going nuts over this. People on both sides of the political aisle have problems with the concept due to privacy issues but for any leftists reading, here’s a simple question:

How is this any different than the time in 2012 that a New York newspaper published a map which showed the names and addresses of gun owners?



May I humbly submit a better example than the gun owner list?

The government routinely publishes a list of people who get behind on their property taxes as a way of shaming them into compliance, irrespective of the reason they are in arrears.

Why is it okay to shame one group of people but not others?

I’m with the mayor. Publish the names and addresses of welfare recipients, or stop publishing the names of people with tax liens.

(I’m not even sure welfare recipients would even care. There was a time when it was shameful to be on the dole. Now people brag about it, want more, and have lobbyists working on their behalf.)


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  1. What about those delinquent on child support payments, they get published.
    If the dads don’t pay, it stand to reason the kids and the custodial parent are on the dole. So, it’s de facto publishing their ID.
    Yeah yeah, I know, all different names.
    Is that racist?

  2. What a dilemma for newspapers: publish whiny crap on the front page about those poor, poor folks and then be forced, forced mind you, to accept a half-dozen-full-page ad (at full price) publishing the names.

  3. People used to have a sense of shame for being on welfare and if you found yourself on welfare, it made one want to work harder to rise above your circumstances. The government used to distribute those big coupon books and you had to tear out the welfare checks and they came in these weird colors so everyone knew that it wasn’t money.

    Then Democrats came up with the EBT card(in fairness and to not hurt anyone’s feelings) because it resembled a credit card which many poor people did not have (to raise their self esteem and make them feel rich) so if you were in the grocery store one couldn’t tell you were the recipient of welfare..

    I’m not sure it’s possible to shame anyone anymore

  4. I think turds should have to shop in government stores for clothes and food.
    I get sick and tired of waiting in line while welfare turds buy there crap.
    Get out of my line I have to get to work.

  5. What I’do like to know is how they define the criteria to be disabled. Am guessing it is sketchy and lame, at best.

  6. These 300 pounders with dyed black hair, covered in tattoos, and reading their iPads have absolutely no qualms about pulling out their multiple EBTs and WICs – so why would their names shame them?

    They have NO shame, and NO presumption of privacy when spending MY money.

  7. What few people realize is welfare distorts the market prices for food. We are not only paying for others, but suffering the effects of food price inflation by increasing demand.

    I have some compassion, and I do believe there are circumstances where people need a safety net to get on their feet. I’d give then 6 months.

    I would also limit what they can buy to generic USDA approved food (bagged rice, canned meat, powdered milk, etc.) No lobster or steaks for them.

    That being said, print the names of the mother and father(s) and the amount of aid in the newspaper after 6 month on the dole. Publish the total annual amount on the last week of the year for all aid (housing, medicaid, EBT, WIC, etc.).

    I personally don’t think you can shame most of these people, but maybe the next generation can be,

  8. Mayor MacDonald oversees a city that has been inundated with museloids from Somalia thanks to Catholic Charities of Maine and the Obama administration.
    He and our esteemed Governor Lepage have been on the forefront of welfare reform in our state that has been over run with liberals from Massachusetts that come here with their white guilt complexes.

  9. Don’t give them money.
    Give them flour, rice, beans, milk, eggs, fish, some really tough meat, and a slab of pork.
    If they sell or trade ANY part of that – they get NOTHING.

    Or open soup kitchens which offer 3 meals per day – cup of good, wholesome, vegetable and pork soup and a slice of bread – 3 times a day.

    If they don’t like that, fuck em.

  10. been trying to get someone to call them (D)EBT cards for years

    make them realize that America borrows 42 cents on the dollar to sponsor their sloth.

  11. Don’t even try to buy an elk tag in Colorado if you owe child support. They should not allow people on welfare to apply for one as they are $600 for a bull tag and people on welfare should not be able to afford that if they are on welfare.

  12. Lewiston is overrun by Somalian “refugees” on welfare. It’s more annoying than I can express to see them all over the place.
    Portland is too. If you go near the housing projects, they have been taken over by Somalians.
    All on welfare. All driving minivans.
    You should see the taxis in this area!
    You had a story about the city of Portland giving all the taxi licensed to Somalians.
    When we fly in and out of the airport, we call our own cab so we aren’t forced to drive in one of theirs.

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