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Mayorkas Impeachment Articles Sent to Senate


House impeachment managers walked two articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas across the Capitol to the Senate on Tuesday, forcing senators to convene a trial on the allegations that he has “willfully and systematically” refused to enforce immigration laws. While the Senate is obligated to hold a trial under the rules of impeachment once the charges are walked across the Capitol, the proceedings may not last long, the AP reports. Democrats are expected to try to dismiss or table the charges later this week before the full arguments get underway.

  • After walking the articles to the Senate, the Republican prosecutors appointed by House Speaker Mike Johnson stood in the well of the Senate. The Senate sergeant-at-arms, the chamber’s top security official, called the session to order with a “hear ye! hear ye!” and a notice that “all persons are commanded to keep silence, on pain of imprisonment.” The House Homeland Security Committee chairman, Mark Green, a Republican who is one of the impeachment managers, read the articles aloud.
  • Republicans have argued there should be a full trial. As Johnson signed the articles Monday in preparation for sending them across the Capitol, he said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer should convene a trial to “hold those who engineered this crisis to full account.”
  • After Tuesday’s ceremonial procession and presentation of the articles, the proceedings will not begin until Wednesday. Senators will be sworn in as jurors, turning the chamber into the court of impeachment. The Senate will then issue a summons to Mayorkas to inform him of the charges and ask for a written answer. He will not have to appear.


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  1. Our jewish Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says we can’t arrest & deport all these African migrants; our jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland agrees; & our jewish Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen says we can’t afford to anyway. Meanwhile, our jewish Secretary of State Antony Blinken wants to grant them amnesty along with all the middle eastern refugees he’s creating through his wars for Israel.

  2. IF any one of them are ‘liberal’….FUCK each and every one of them.

    They play the ‘long game’,
    FUCK THEM, over and over again.
    Time is short and they are the biggest impediment to a reasonable and gracious society.

    The difference??

    They want TOTAL control where WE simply want individual freedom.


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