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President Trump Told He Can’t Attend Barron’s Graduation


As he [Donald Trump] left court following the trial’s first day, Trump said of [presiding Judge Juan] Merchan, “it looks like the judge will not let me go to the graduation of my son.” Moments later, he expressed displeasure because the trial made it so “that I can’t go to my son’s graduation” and a number of other events, including a U.S. Supreme Court hearing and campaign stops. More

Note: AP has declared this observation false, but until the judge further clarifies his ruling that the defendant has to attend court through the whole trial, it is safe to say the statement is entirely true.

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  1. “and campaign stops”

    Yea, that’s been the plan all along. Next step they’re going to perp walk him. What they’re putting this man through deserves revenge. There IS no living with the left. So might as well settle this right now.

  2. ^^^^^^

    That’s my theory too. They underestimate his followers and their loyalty. This will not end well. He might even have an unfortunate accident while in custody.

  3. When they jail President Trump 🤬 for going to the graduation it’s only going to empower the voter base 😁

    We are just salivating to get to the polls 😜

    November can’t get here soon enough 😉
    Please Lord we pray for Trump and the people of this country 🙏❤️🕊️

    MAGA 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. What a load of chickenshit. Merchan’s emotional maturity makes me wonder if he ever got out of kindergarten, much less high school. Toss him his bankie and give him a time-out.

  5. If they somehow stop Trump from running and deny the American people the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice, it will be a strong message of their tyrannical intent. It will solidify what we already know in our hearts. Then it will be left to the states to take drastic action. Until the states get involved collectively little will change. Our nation is at its most critical juncture in its history. If the left is successful we are doomed.

  6. With all the court appearances it sounds like President Trump will have to spend more than 30 days in NY state this year – which means NY can sock him with state income tax. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  7. Here’s a used hanky don’t mind the green stuff, it’s for extra flava. No, the judge said no such thing. He did say no to the request for skipping the trial to go to the Supreme Court on a punity hearing.

  8. ^^^^^ You stupid fuck. If the judge says he needs to attend court that is during the same time frame as Barron’s graduation then Trump’s probably not going to make the graduation. You really that he’d say, “You can’t go to your sons graduation” Really? Your an idiot libtard. But I repeat myself.


    Judge says, Donald Trump, you are required to attend the jury selection, here’s the dates.
    Trump says, But your honor, on this date my son graduates high school.
    Judge says, Mr. Trump, I don’t care.
    That’s as simple as I can make it asshole. I’ll try pictures next time.

  10. ^^^^^^
    That’s where I’m at. Saturated. Fucking board with this bull shit. Maybe the new left is like your parent old TV set. It needs to be smacked on the side of the head to get all the tubes working. I’m ready to start smacking. A bunch of us are DONE.

  11. DJT managed to visit a Bodega (anyone remember when Mrs Biden mentioned “bogodas” while visiting a “Hispanic” group in San Antonio, Texas & calling other people “breakfast tacos”?) on Harlem at the invitation of the Bodega owners of NYC . Nice campaign stop right under the noses of the crooked and corrupt DA and that crappola judge.

  12. Geni
    That Bodega was the one where the somewhat ederly owner or employee, I can’t remember which was attacked by a scawny ass negro with a knife. The old guy took it away from him and killed him with it, Alvin and the Chipmunks decided the old guy committed murder. Put him in Rykers. Until the hood went freaken nuts and Alvin was forced to turn him loose. If you didn’t see the video you need to find it. Trump def needs to hold a rally in Harlem.
    I don’t think Alvin will live much longer. But, I’m a comedian.

  13. Brad , I do remember that story. That poor old man acted in self defense and was punished for it by that slimy fat slug Alvin Bragg . When the man was FINALLY released from Rikers Island he high-tailed it back to the Dominican Republic. Not sure if he ever went back to NYC .

  14. Geni
    That’s what I remember. An immigrant we could have used. After that visit I’m thinking Trump Def needs to hold a rally there. My biz mind kicks in, its an untapped market. I think this might have been a little probe on DJTs part to see how receptive the market is. Can you imagine how fired up he could get those people? Shit I’d attend just to witness it.


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