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McConnell presses campaign against term limits for future GOP leadership

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is insisting to his conference that imposing term limits on Senate leadership is a bad idea, according to sources familiar with a recent closed-door GOP lunch.

The Kentucky Republican, who has served 18 years as Senate GOP leader, is attempting to preserve how leadership operates as he is set to step down from the position and as his possible successors consider making major changes to the direction of the conference.

Speaking to his fellow Republican senators on Tuesday, McConnell suggested that implementing term limits could put the Senate at a disadvantage to the House, where the speaker does not have a term limit, according to those familiar. more

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  1. We wouldn’t need any term limits if “We the People” were doing our job. To many free benefits given out by congress for the express purpose of vote buying.
    They are destroying the republic.

    Vote for me, I’m running as a delegate on the republican ticket in the county I live in.. Need to start by holding the corrupt R’s in Michigan accountable and replace them with honest patriots.
    Downstate and northern members are corrupt and will do anything to hold on to their power. Goes back to when Ronna Romney McDaniel was working the party here and her legacy is still haunting us.

  2. It’s been said that “voting” every couple of years, defines term limits.

    I would say that after the 2020 coup and the 2022 purge, voting is pretty much moot at this point. The distinguished turtle from Kentucky is part and parcel to the coup and purge, so it stands to reason he would be against any definitive change in the dynamic of ridding ourselves of parasites’ on the body politic. You can suck it sir!

  3. Post Turtle Mitch is a walking, talking, brain dead, treasonous, example of why we SHOULD have term limits, and NO perks and bennies for Kongress Kritter Klowns.

  4. Typical response from McCONnell, he is aware of what the citizens want (Term LIMITS), then give a negative support for “lesser term limits” for GOP Leadership.

    Bait and switch by the great appeaser.

    TERM LIMITS for every elected Congressman.

    House Members – 4 terms (8 years)
    Senate Members – 1 terms (6 years)

    We need a principled citizen congress serving the people, not the Government. Strict limits on PACs and strict limits on contributions outside their district (House) or State (Senate). Limits to “In-Kind” Contributions to campaigns.

    Bring it to a House Vote, see where your congressman’s vote lies.
    If they are “anti-term limits” he/she should be targeted in the next 2 yr election, vote them out in the primary or general election, just as the RINOs who have lost their seats in the primaries.
    Elect a principled conservative candidate that will do the peoples’ bidding of term limits.

    Forget the local good-ol’ boys that generally choose candidates before we citizens vote in the primary. Don’t waiver, support a citizen candidate who shares your values, and who supports term limits.

  5. I sure all of congress would be in favor of voting themselves out of the best money laundering plan in the world.

    Mitch McConnell Net Worth $35 Million.
    What was his sister-in-law going to expose?

  6. ^^^cato

    Congressional term limits….yeah….
    (Little tweak for Senators….2 terms)

    No retirement other than Social Security….
    (Bet our SSA would be fixed….super quick)

    and Senators appointed by state legislatures.
    (Putting our government back to a republic)

  7. My partial list:

    PAC’s illegal.
    Paid lobbyists illegal.
    Corporate donations illegal, including donations in kind.
    Foreign donations illegal.
    Corporate and foreign election influence illegal.
    Donations from individual citizens only.

    Repeal the 17th Amendment. Senators elected by Legislatures.
    Amendment to Constitution for ONE four year term for House and Senate, elections held alternately every two years.

    Zero pay while in office.
    Zero stock purchases or sales while in office.
    Zero new corporate financial dealing of ANY kind while in office.

    Former House and Senate members may not be employed by the U.S. Government after their term of service, either hired or as a consultant of any type.

    ALL Federal laws applicable to ordinary citizens apply identically to ALL Congressmen and Senators with no exceptions.

  8. Forgot: (and it’s a biggie!)

    Constitutional Amendment to provide for calling a Congressional session (max one year) by a majority vote of State Legislatures. Otherwise, only the President may call a session in a national emergency as determined by him/her.

  9. @tctsunami
    bullshit! none of this is my fault, I have worked against this crap all my life. All we need is a DOJ that will enforce the LAW. period.
    Cicero had it right in 2 BC. “you either have rule of law of you have anarchy”.

  10. Senate: Repeal the 17th Amendment and let each state decide how to manage its senators. This was how things worked until 1913.

    House: After a member has finished his 3rd term (details about appointed members TBD), he is taken to Arlington Cemetery and executed by firing squad. This should encourage people not to run for a 3rd term.


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