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Covenant Killer Audrey Hale Had ‘Thoughts of…

MNPD Review of Vanderbilt University Medical Center Records: Covenant Killer Audrey Hale Had ‘Thoughts of Killing Dad . . . Struggles with Mental Health. Recent Thoughts of Going into a School and Shooting a Bunch of People.’

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  1. Perhaps pumping up a mentally ill girl on testosterone is a really bad idea, but competent physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists already knew that. Too bad we don’t have any running things in the US anymore. Only the assholes and psychopaths run everything now.

  2. There is no “mental health care” now. Shrinks have found it easier to “celebrate” insanity instead of attempt to cure it, use brain damaging drugs that cause severe mental issues when stopped to tamp dowm the more violent and suicidal behaviors temporarily, devolve the “talk therapy” on SJW University trained psychologists that the insane person can swap at will until they find one that affirms their insanity, and accept NO blame and suffer NO consequences when their highly lucrative patient slaughters a school full of children.

    If your heart doctor told you to celebrate your chest pains and gave you drugs to mask the pain until your heart exploded instead of treating it, your next of kin would get a couple of bucks in the malpractice lawsuit that makes their lawyers filthy rich.

    If your GP writes you prescrption after prescrpition for megadose opioids until it kills you, he’d go to jail.

    But theres no such thing as a brain peeper EVER being held responsible for his incompetence, misfeaseance, malfeaseance, or outright malice no matter HOW many people his patient murders.

    People call for restarting the mental hospitals, which should have never been closed, and at one time that may have helped.

    But now, they would be staffed with partsan “doctors” who promote the agenda and the message over all else, and would be more likely to institutionalize parents that object to cutting their daughter’s breasts off than the actually insane daughter.

    And the Soviet Union confined anyone who objected to Communism to mental hospitals. Would the modern US illegitimate Communist government do any less?

    …Shakespeare once famously said, “The first thing we do is, let’s kill all the lawyers.”.

    While there may be some merit to that, I’m not sure the psychiatrists shouldn’t be used to test the gallows first.

    …just bear this in mind about the efficacy of shrinks, a quote from renown Communist Stephen King, as well as I remember it, from a story he once wrote about a child shooter in a school.

    “When you get your sanity by stud, the child looks a lot like the father.

    And those guys have a very high suicide rate”.

  3. TheMule – NOBODY should be “running” anything in this country. There should be NO central control of medical decisions. That is why physicians are trained and allegedly held to a higher standard. The fact that government controls ALL medical licensure in this country (well, ALL professional licensure period), that 50%+ of ALL monies spent on medicine first pass through GOVERNMENT hands, that the ability of doctors to write prescriptions is controlled by pharma-controlled controlled government, and so, so, so much more, is why we have an atrocious medical system in this country with ZERO accountability for the crimes.


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