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Walk Like Joe Biden

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  1. He walks like he shit himself and Jill has to change his Depends. The democrats didn’t get away with having them sit for next weeks debate but they are having two commercial breaks. Pretty sure I know what will be going on when the cameras are turned off.

  2. Cisco Kid
    THURSDAY, 20 JUNE 2024, 3:35 AT 3:35 AM
    “Now that you mention it, has anyone else noticed that Pedo McDaddyshowers no longer attempts that fake ass two step run?”

    …good observation, but I’m looking forwards to the glad day when he no longer attempts to breathe (hopefully due to a tight, rough hemp necktie), as Im sure the many childen hes raped in the last 5 decades are…

  3. If I walked like joey my ass cheeks would be shut tight to keep from crapping my pants while shuffling off to the can as fast as I can before I ended up with a #2 disaster. Rule # 1 when you get older always make sure the bathroom is nearby when nature suddenly calls.


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