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  1. I guaranfuckingtee you he was colluding with Pelosi in the lead up to J6. The filthy little rodent’s finger prints are all over it.

    I’ve haven’t been the least bit shy regarding my opinion of the filthy little fucker ever. He disgusts me.

  2. In 2012 this stupid mxther fxcker lost a debate to Brain Dead Joe Biden. He’s never been on our side. I’ve read many times his wife’s a Wisconsin School administrator. Liberal as hell. And she tells this little pussy exactly what to say and when to say it. He’s not even a traitor. He’s an enemy spy. An infiltrator.

  3. Also tonight from Murdoch’s NYP: Romney given space to bash Trump, plus article woth latest polling has Biden with the lead.

    The stars are aligning. Double down against these enemies.

  4. @ Brad THURSDAY, 20 JUNE 2024, 0:24 AT 12:24 AM

    …never been on our side I could tolerate, the rotten sumnabitch was actively working to undermine President Trump the entire time he was in office. I absolutely despise the cocksucker.

  5. Thanks Brad,

    I’ll catch it tomorrow. I’m dead tired, spent the day sanding the gunnels of my canoe so that I can give them their annual application of Deks Olje. It’s the price one pays to have Ash trim on a canoe instead of plastic.

    Tucker can’t have said anything I haven’t been saying for north of two decades though.

  6. @ Brad THURSDAY, 20 JUNE 2024, 0:56 AT 12:56 AM

    I bought a Mad River 17’ Duck Hunter new ~1993. It is a beautiful boat, but like a lot of things it takes a bit of maintenance. I have to dismantle it, sand the gunnels, re stain them, soak them with Deks Olje and put it back together.

    They don’t make them like that any longer. I’ve run class III-IV water in it. Hell of a boat. Ash is resilient and will stand up to that, plastic/aluminum gunnels get bent all to hell.

    Here’s a picture of a 16 footer–108016091044379620/

  7. Ryan is from Janesville, Wisconsin, about 25 miles north of where I live. I knew all about him. His family was from this small town and everybody knew them. That’s why he kept getting elected. He never was a conservative. When he and Romney were the ticket in 2012 I knew we were screwed. They never had a chance against Chicago Jesus. They never really tried.

  8. I don’t think Bannon likes Ryan much.
    Always got a kick out of he reporting himself “sobbing” during the Jan6 set up.
    No video, just “he said”, what a load of fetid road apples.
    The way he fucked them over, anybody believe that.

  9. Diane Hendricks is a Wisconsin businesswoman (one of her companies is ABC Warehouse, my hudband worked for another one of her companies and we still have friends there) who backed Ryan. She had hopes for him but when he got to Washington he forgot all about her support. Last I heard she no longer supports him amd he’s turned into a more overt whore for political gain. He still hangs out at the Culver’s in Janesville trying to press the flesh and get selfies with people for social media.

    So much for Mr Smith Goes To Washington.

  10. The smarmy little prick is the worst of the worst as far as politicians go. A duplicitous little cocksucker who doesn’t have an ounce of character or an honest bone in his body.


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