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The Revolutionaries In The IC May Destroy Us Before Al Qaida Does


Sayf Al-Adl is the leader of Al-Qaida. He is believed to be located in Iran. In a recent pamphlet, Sayf called on supporters all over the world to come to Afghanistan, to train and to engage in jihad worldwide.

Sayf has officially declared Afghanistan a safe haven for international jihadist terrorist groups.

Al-Qaida is back in force in Afghanistan. It operates training camps in 10 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Al Qaida leader Hakim al Masri “is responsible for the training camps and conducting suicide bomber training for TTP,” or the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, an ally of al Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban. Al Qaida is stockpiling weaponry for use in future attacks. It is operating religious schools to indoctrinate a whole new generation of jihadists. It has an entire network of safehouses to facilitate the movement of operatives into and out of the country.

Al Qaida is not hiding and licking its wounds. It is preparing to unleash a whole new campaign of terrorist attacks worldwide.

One might be excused for thinking, therefore, that the Intelligence Community (IC)  would be working overtime to recruit sources inside Al Qaida, penetrate its operations, and keep Americans safe in their beds at night. more

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  1. This is only one of many threats. Do you want to talk about half the fucking Chinese army living next door? Do you own an AR? And how good are you with it and do you train with like minded friends? Any no answer to the above probably means your not going to make it. If you think I’m over exaggerating, well, that will get your family killed too. Enjoy today. Things are going to get rough.

  2. I hate to say it but Andrew Anglin is right: Western cultural projection is all about the anal. And our IC has become part of that effort. Our State Dept. has been leading the way for a while now, turning our embassies into pride flag-waving homo enclaves and grooming centers for local populations. Niw, our spooks are joining the anal alliance.

    Ukraine, of all places, had a fag parade a couple of days ago. In the middle of an existential war. Ukraine is under th control of our State Dept. and the CIA. I have to believe that they fomented this madness, and that they did ot as some sort of national grooming operation. Felching while Rome burns, do to speak.

    It’s safe to play these games in pliant, decadent Western environments, but when you get outside the homo-worship zone, you’re playing with fire. I notice that pride flags have been banned at our embassies, as demanded by Republicans in Congress. We’ll see if that actually happens. At least some people in our government appear to understand what is happening, or at least have some sense of decency.

    But our fools meddling overseas, our ambassadors and spies, as well as our armed forces, appear to be rushing headlong into ideological oblivion and dragging—pun intended—the rest of us down with them.

  3. The IC spent decades deliberately recruiting highly skilled psychopaths who could kill without remorse, often because they loved killing. Over time, especially after the collapse of the USSR, this unintentionally created a highly skilled and extremely well funded organized crime operation at the very heart of the federal government. The people who run the IC are not patriots; never have been. They’re “lizard people”, human in form but predatory and unfeeling in all things. And many of them are sexual sadists and paedos.

    Virtually everyone in DC is terrified of these people, especially the democrats who are totally under these people’s thumbs because they share so many of the same perverse proclivities.

    Things will start getting very bad over the next ten years because the IC reptiles have bought into the climate cult because it gives them an opportunity to murder and steal from BILLIONS of people; not just millions.

  4. Why is our government run by communist at almost every level?
    The Communists were smart, they incentivize extreme policies to the point where very few people refused. If you wanted to get places in the media, political realm, pharma, medical and education you cooperated.


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