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Biden ‘Convicted Felon’ Ad Won’t Convince Anyone


Right on cue, the Trump campaign was ready to respond to this weak ad, and they didn’t hold back. Team Trump quickly pointed out the glaring mistake in this predictable ad: it essentially admitted that these sham trials are all about the 2024 election and have nothing to do with so-called “justice” or the left’s precious “democracy.” This is election interference unleashed by a wildly unpopular, failed puppet pretending to be president. More

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  1. Keep pushing. Nobody’s buying what you’re selling any more.

    The whole woke bullshitaramma has jumped the shark. I’ve been talking about the young guys I know who just haven’t participated at school and when away from school haven’t had any reluctance saying what they damn well thought of the crap. Well, from what I’m hearing, for the first time in their entire time in the school system everyone’s saying exactly what is on their mind at school.

    The dirty motherfuckers have shit in their own mess kit by pushing the censoring and banning to the breaking point. There are cracks in the levy and things are going to go from bad to worse for them.

  2. Who dreamed up the Biden add? Susan Rice. The Biden add alone will add support from the black community. They’ve over estimated our stupidity. They’re freaken tone deaf. Just like all communists. Why? Because in the long run they could give two shits about you and I.

  3. Conservative Cowgirl

    Thank you. You know that old saying, if I knew I were going to live this long I’d have taken better care of myself. LOL You still need to bring the family up sometime so we can go shooting.

  4. Refuse/Resist

    “My bday is just another day, but yours is a federal holiday.”

    Thanks. you just solved a big mystery for me and the wife. Had no idea this evolved into a federal holiday. Me and the wife have been waiting all day for a reply from the DLA. I guess that explains it.

  5. I had to call my bank today and the recording said they were closed for Brad’s birthday. I also needed to call my insurance company and their recording said the same thing. What the heck?

  6. I was planning to take Tuesday off to get in a couple Dr appointments (in the infamous words of my late mother: who ever came up with the saying “golden years” was full of shit) ond a dental appt for my daughter and would have been back in the office this morning if a co worker didn’t tell me we have Wednesday off on Monday on my way home.

  7. I think that Trump’s increasing popularity among blacks is due, in part, because as naturally violent people they have no use for police or courts. They see him as another victim of an unjust system.

  8. No ad, no scheme, no lie, no ploy will make any difference to trump voters. What a waste of time, what a violation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. All for nothing. Trump has already won, you leftist shit tards just can’t see or understand it. FOAD all of you.


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