McConnell’s Threats As Empty As His Promises


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been mounting a spirited defense of the filibuster in the face of Democratic efforts to permanently eliminate it.

For the sake of avoiding disastrous left-wing policies, Republicans should support that effort. But McConnell’s efforts to sustain the filibuster also expose the establishment GOP’s scam to keep its hold on power without delivering a thing for its base.

During remarks on the Senate floor Tuesday, McConnell warned that the Republican Party would go “scorched earth” to prevent the passage of Democratic legislation if the filibuster is eliminated. More

6 Comments on McConnell’s Threats As Empty As His Promises

  1. Damn, is he still relevant? Is his wind gauge stuttering? Does he even give-a-shit about patriotic Americans???

  2. Bitterly clinging to his perks and stolen swag.
    79 years old and can’t give it up.
    Absolutely pathetic – it’s not like he’s doing the country, or his state, any good.
    Another one, like Pelosi, McCain, Byrd, Thurmond, Marshall, Feinstein, Boxer, and Waters: the whole country will heave a great sigh of relief when he dies.

    izlamo delenda est …


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