McDonald’s Worker Attacked By The HairBurglar

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14 Comments on McDonald’s Worker Attacked By The HairBurglar

  1. This is shocking. They are African-American students working to pay for college tuition. How could this be ?

    The film must be heavily edited.

  2. Black girl takes a flying leap out Da window!
    Soon,very soon,Whites will only go out in public
    with 3 or more.Then soon after whites will not be
    able to go out in public at all.

  3. But I thought Black Lives Mattered? Doesn’t this include just a bit of respectable behavior toward one another within the black community?

  4. “Now, if you stay very quiet, you can observe them in their natural habitat … ahh … here are a couple of ferals, now …”

  5. You know, obama has done more to discourage all blacks from behaving like moral, normal people. He has boxed them into acting like this — because if she had shut the window on this person, she would have declared herself “not one of *them*” and if there’s one thing the “community” will not put up with it’s acting like you’re not one of them. Several generations of blacks believe that the police, for example, are their enemies and we’ll see just how intractable that belief is when the black panthers start going after black police, too. And I think they will. We will have a civil war on our hands and it will have been started by a bunch of people who aren’t worthy of anything they are fighting over.


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