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Measles Makes Comeback In Western Nations

Today the World Health Organization declared four European nations (Albania, Czech Republic, Greece and The U.K.) had all lost their measles eradication status.

“We are backsliding, we are on the wrong track,” said Kate O’Brien of the WHO’s Immunization Department. More

Meanwhile the CDC in this country is reporting 30 states with measles cases this year, stating that foreign travelers are bringing this highly contagious disease to America. More

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  1. Sometimes when I think of where America and the West are heading, I think of Charleton Heston in “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” at the end when he just pulls the plunger.

    But then, I read “The Book” and know how it ends. “THEY” do not win.

  2. “Foreign travelers” my left testicles! you mean “illegal aliens”, right? Right?

  3. Japan has no mandatory vaccines and the mmr vaccine is illegal there.

    They have one of the healthiest populations in the devoloped world.

    OOPS! can’t you people see that the same people who want to force a vaccine on you also want to take your guns, take your suv etc etc.

    don’t be brainwashed.

  4. The people who want to force a vaccine on you also think the world will end from global warming in twelve years.

  5. When truth is needed, the liars crawl out from under their rocks to harass Vaccine dissenters. The easiest way to disable healthy people in brain and body is by forcing weaponized vaccines on them, starting at birth.

    Polio Vaccine caused 40,000 cases of Polio
    January 10th, 2018
    This is the “Cutter Incident” in 1955. All those people in “iron lungs” got polio from the polio vaccine. All of them!!! Every last one of them!! The vaccine caused 40,000 cases of polio, severely paralyzed 200 children and killed ten. It’s explained at the 18:06 minute mark of “Exposing the Truth about Vaccines” with Dr. John Bergman.
    [Exposing the Truth about Vaccines]
    Yet this is the photo they always use to promote the polio vaccine!!

    Vaccine fraud exposed: Measles and mumps making a huge comeback because vaccines are designed to fail, say Merck virologists
    Monday, November 11, 2013
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Editor of
    (NaturalNews) Disclaimer: I am not an opponent of the theory of inoculation. Nor am I opposed to science. What I am opposed to is fraudulent science, and that’s what this article is all about.

    Measles and mumps are making a huge comeback in the United States, but doctors and journalists all make the same critical error in understanding why. They blame “parents who don’t vaccinate their kids” as the cause, but the real cause — as revealed by whistleblowing scientists working for top vaccine manufacturers — is that measles and mumps vaccines are designed to fail from the start.

    Scientific fraud, it turns out, is an inherent part of the vaccine industry.

    How do we know? Because whistleblowers who worked in the industry have found the courage to speak out and tell the truth. These people are the Edward Snowdens of the vaccine industry.

  6. Hey tRuth,

    Think you could “Ink out a political cartoon – short and to the point”? You know, for my short attention span?

  7. Measles will be the least of your worries if you continue to allow un vetted, un checked pe0ple into this country.
    Go back to the Ellis Island Rules or suffer.
    Note. The disbandment of DDT caused millions of deaths. But they were African. Iruth sounds like Margaret Sanger.


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