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Media Bear’s Latest Anti-Mask Video Pulled By YouTube

I received a YouTube media post last night from Media Bear saying simple “It begins.” The message was in regards to one of their parody videos being removed by the social media outlet.

No worries though, you can watch it on Bitchute. Here

Follow up: YouTube has responded to Media Bear’s appeal the removal of their video (looks like they’ll have a new video out soon). Here

6 Comments on Media Bear’s Latest Anti-Mask Video Pulled By YouTube

  1. OT:

    Watching Pres Trump Townhall and Savannah Guthrie is a freaking hag. Interrupting the President and trying to trip him up.

  2. Remember a couple of years ago and a federal judge ruled that Trump could not block anyone from his twitter account because it was something on the order of an official channel between trump and the american people?
    But somehow it is ok for the media platforms to censor Trump.

    And then there’s the judge that ruled acosta had to be given access to the white house press room even if acosta was disrupting events.

    The republican party will make a strongly worded statement about these things.

  3. And, As usuall, there’s absolutely no originality with the music portion of the video. This is typical of all Lazy millennials & Slacker gen-Zers flagrant plagiarization of my gens awesome sounds to promote their conspiracy bullshit along with their inevitable and well deserved darwinian demiZe. Ok, I get it, you’re soooooo much smarter than everybody else, Whoop-‘D’-fuckn’ Do! So now, I’m waiting for the second wave to come back in the fall with a vengeance. and we shall see who the smarter gen was.

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