Media Reports Florida Hospitals are ‘Overrun’ — Then One Person Actually Went to Hospital at the ‘Center of Storm’ to Check

Becker News: There is a tremendous amount of effort being expended in the mainstream media to hold up Florida as a complete failure when it comes to the COVID pandemic.

On Friday, the Associated Press reported that Florida broke the ‘record’ with more than 21,000 new cases in the state. One of the key contentions was that hospitals were closed to being ‘overrun,’ a common claim in COVID reports that have nearly all turned up hollow.

“The Florida Hospital Association said Friday that statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations are nearing last year’s peak, and one of the state’s largest health care systems, AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division, this week advised it would no longer be conducting nonemergency surgeries in order to free up resources for COVID-19 patients,” the AP reported.

The Delta variant is indeed fueling a surge in ‘cases,’ which are actually infections for those who are vaccinated or otherwise asymptomatic. The Delta variant is far less deadly than the original ‘wild’ variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It raises the question of whether or not people are being hospitalized for COVID, or merely testing positive for COVID after going to the hospital for other reasons.

One citizen decided not to take the Associated Press or any other mainstream media outlet’s word for it and decided to check it out for themself. Dr. Shay, Phd., who goes by AMA Black Patriot on Twitter (@DrShayPhD) went to a hospital at Cape Canaveral, Florida, which the AP had used as the location for one of its report. more here

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  1. I want to give all of our conservative outlets an opportunity to spread their message, we need them all! But Becker News is tough to tolerate. Once you clear the pop ups and start with the story a new set of pop ups are on the screen. I’ve stopped going there.

  2. Yeah, I use AdBlock everywhere, including this site (but I contribute). It isn’t seeing the ads, it’s the ads taking over the processor so you can’t even move.

    Looks like case numbers are peaking or about to, I predict that by mid-August at the latest we will be on the down slope of the final significant spread. And then covid will be over – although the left’s attempts to weaponize it will continue.

  3. May all the LYING leftists come down with terminal ass cancer coupled with exploding bowels.


  4. I’ll second “Adblock Plus” and Duckduckgo

    “The Delta variant is indeed fueling a surge in ‘cases,’ which are actually infections for those who are vaccinated”
    Sure glad I didn’t get the JAB.

  5. The Leftist media will use the photos of the empty Hospitals as confirmation that an emergency exists, all the variant patients died. That is why the Hospitals are empty.

  6. the royal scam from day one…….arrest, try, xecute biden, pelosi, harris, schumer, cuomos, widmer, waters, aoc, tlalib, omar, schiff, comey, mueller, mccabe brennan, obamas, clintons, diblasio, paul pelosi, lighfoot, end page oone of ten.

  7. I broke my Toe mountain biking exactly 6 weeks ago. Toronto
    My Pain in the ass NEW doctor took x-ray, told me it was broke cleanly & followed up that I go to the Hospital. Old doctor is a friend, so I called him up to come by for a scotch. His words,”Don’t bother, go easy for 4 weeks” & wear a construction boot.

    Figured I better keep the new Asshole Doctor happy (hard to get a GP in Canuckistan)

    Off To the Hospital…To break the tie.


    Emergency Parking lot has 1 cop car, My Van, and possibly 7 other cars. Usually it looks like Boxing day Dec 26th.

    Security Guard check in and Covid verbal questions with required Mask Change. (new due to covid took 3 min)

    Walked further & checked in immediately (no patients in sight – usually 45 min. (4 min this time)

    Walked to second point (not like I had a busted toe or anything)
    More paper, and exact same questions as Check in. (5 min)

    Told to walk to the 3rd area. Fuckin lovely. Captain Peg Leg

    Waited about 15 min (usually 4 to 6 hours) Seriously. 4-6 is about standard in toronto.

    There were about 20 staff milling around not doing much & 5 people waiting with 2 of them accompanying the patient.

    Actual treatment area: Fracture doctor tells me,” Nothing I can Do, stay off it, your construction boot is fine” I Apologized.
    They made a followup appointment for 2 weeks later to see if it was healing Ok.

    Left & went home with a Toe more swollen from the walking than the break.

    Emergency Room Empty.
    ALL the Parking Lots were mostly Empty.
    Hallways & Clinics, Empty.

    Went to Follow up, I have No Idea why.


    June – July 2021

  8. I wonder if the hospitals will be too busy to shoot more of those snappy “Dancing Nurses” videos?

  9. my friend and I did this during the first run of covid. We went to 3 hospitals in 3 counties in the first month of the initial lock down. They were ALL empty. This is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the US second only to Obola.

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