Medical Researchers Test A Pig Kidney On A Cadaver, It Works For Two Days


Scientists temporarily attached a pig’s kidney to a human body and watched it begin to work, a small step in the decades-long quest to one day use animal organs for life-saving transplants. More

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  1. They put a baboon heart into Baby Fae back in 1984 and she lived for under a month before she died. I’m not that comfortable with the transplantation of human organs (IDK why, it just skeeves me out) and putting animal parts into people is even grosser. It’s like Dr. Frankenstein meets Dr. Moreau or some shit.

  2. I heard about a guy who got a pig heart valve transplant. He soon started randomly snorting without knowing it.
    If someone got a complete pig heart would he grow a curly tail?

  3. And my mom’s been waiting for 4 months for a Catscan.
    But that’s Canadian “Free” medicine.

  4. Silly people,they had a pig with human heart
    and lungs over 10 years ago.They won’t tell
    you WHAT THEY REALLY GOT! ever…..
    Take the MRNA vax you did ?? maybe full of nano-robots….

  5. I’m sure the anti-rejection problems are off the chart.

    Sounds more like a med school practical joke. Alive. Two days. In a cadaver. Yeah, sure. What’s the punchline?

  6. Leading one day, I’m sure, to successful brain transplants.
    So maybe hope for liberals after all, huh?

  7. So how do you determine a live organ functions in a dead system, with no inputs and outputs or any kind of support system?

    I have smelled postmortem urine, feces, and farts, and buddy, you don’t have ANY doubt that it’s from a dead guy even not long after death, because the gut bacteria starts to eat itself and die, and the internal organs like the bladder and ureters start to decay.

    “Death breath” is a real thing too, if you do an “organs-in” funeral and your mortician didn’t expel the residual lung volume. People get wigged out if they go to the coffin and Aunt Hattie’s lips suddely part and expel the foulest breath EVAH, but that’s a different subject for another day…


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