Meet Candy Carson: The Anti-Michelle Obama

candy carson 1


After nearly eight years of the East Wing’s politics of mope and complain, it’s refreshing to see a presidential candidate’s spouse who is always smiling.

Candy Carson — wife of GOP 2016 hopeful Dr. Ben Carson, mother of three sons, and grandmother of two — is the anti-Michelle Obama. She’s a quiet but confident ray of sunshine: down-to-earth, devoutly Christian and proudly patriotic.


18 Comments on Meet Candy Carson: The Anti-Michelle Obama

  1. Michelle 0bama would likely try to eat that violin.
    Hey, it sort of looks like tree bark and Sasquatches just love tree bark

  2. Yeah, but Mooch can kick a pro leather heavy bag so hard it’ll come right off the swivel. lol

    I would love to hear Mrs. Carson play the fiddle. The whole Carson Four, that would be great. What a refreshing change that would be.

  3. Refreshing to see people who are able to get over the color of their skin and pursue transcendent endeavors, like music and the ability to heal through surgery and medicine.

    So unlike the occupants of the white house.

    There needs to be a side – by – side of these two families listing what they’ve actually done in their lives prior to seeking public office, with the question –

    “Which one represents your values, your vision of success, and embodies your understanding of the American dream?”

  4. Ben and his family really seem like first class people. We are currently doing much worse than him in the Oval Office, but he has a couple positions that make me a little gun shy.

  5. But a double bass is pleasing to both the and the eye. It’s a perfect blend of every shade of “toasted biscuit” and its tones in the hand of a master are orgasmic to listen to.

  6. Agreed, string instruments can melt you. The range o f the viola is especially powerful. No slander on the bass, but mooch does look like one. Ever hear goat rodeo? Not muzzie.

  7. How Totally untrue of your comment! I am a Catholic, and was one of first volunteers for him to Run for President! Many, Many, catholics absolutely love him and plan on voting for him!

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