Muslim Violence Against Dogs

Liberals are OK with Muslim Violence Against Christians, Women and Gays – but what about Dogs?

dog anti muslims

EagleRising—People in America hate when they see dogs being mistreated. HATE. In fact, in America, it’s better to hurt people than it is to hurt dogs.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the difference in the way that Michael Vick and Ray Lewis get treated. One of those men lied to police during a murder investigation, was initially charged as a co-defendant before flipping on his friends, and then admitted that he tried to swear his friends (the killers) to silence in order to protect his career. The other man ran a dog-fighting ring that horribly mistreated dogs.

Ray Lewis (who was never found guilty of the killings) is still an NFL icon and very popular player among fans. Michael Vick is still a pariah.

Americans love dogs.

So we have a new test for liberals who seem so supportive of Islam (Iran in particular), while hating our friendship with Israel. See, we’ve told you that in Islamic nations gay men and women are executed for their sexual identity. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations Christians are routinely beaten, persecuted and killed for their faith. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations women are subjugated, mistreated, traded like property, sexually, physically and mentally abused. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations children are sexually abused, trained to hate and taught to be as violent and sadistic as their leaders. In fact, we haven’t just told you, we’ve shown you these things… and yet liberals don’t seem to care. They talk about a Republican “war on women” and about conservative “homophobia” and they simply skim over Islam’s crimes. It’s disgusting, really.

But now we have a new chip to play. Dogs are treated horribly in Muslim countries!  more

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  1. “Angels won’t visit a house with a dog”….from the Koran?…..BULLSHIT!….they put the dogs there on purpose, then they come visit, mostly to talk to the dog….

  2. I’ll repeat: A RADICAL MUSLIM is one who lives peacefully with others, tolerates differences, eschews the more radical Islamic practices and seeks to live post-Medieval where his/her relationship with the world in general is concerned.

    The majority are just following the book written by an evil, criminally insane pedophile.

  3. It must be dark angels that won’t visit a house with a dog in in it. Sort of like that episode of The Twilight Zone where the dog could sense the presence of evil and kept his owner from going down the wrong path. Dogs rule, muzzies drool!. Sometimes I actually thing that dogs are guardian angels in disguise,

  4. Mohammed never liked dogs, supposedly because he felt they were unclean because not having hands, they licked their butt instead of wiping it with fingers.

    I think the real reason was that Mo was a thief and dogs alerted the people he was ready to attack and steal from.

  5. Yep…I have two and 7 goats for back up…..goats are kind of a weird dog, but loyal and territorial….UMMMM HUMMMM…

  6. Dogs are Man’s best friend.
    If you do not like dogs …extrapolate however you will

    I am slow to anger, except about the way people treat dogs.
    Seeing how Muslim Miscreants treat dogs fires me red hot instantly.
    Yet another reason to wipe Persia off the map.

  7. Ask anyone who’s been there, the dogs there HATE the muz even more. They love GIs though. And not just by smell, they can see a hajji 400 yards away and start snarling and snapping. But they run up to Americans with their tails wagging.

  8. I work with a Caucasian Floridian-American that can’t stand any sort of animal. A true freak of nature. My wife is so timid, she wouldn’t shoot a burglar. Mess with her German Shepherd and she will kill with her bare hands.

  9. You only think you know how terrible the video from Shiraz is BF If you are even remotely serious about what you’re saying, dont EVER watch that video. Ever. One of the worst things I have ever seen, or to be exact, heard

  10. Liberals, homosexuals, pedophiles, women etc… will all ignore this. That’s how they will respond. They can not accept the truth because the truth exposes their entire lives as a fraud. How else can they vote Hitlery 2016…

  11. In other words, they’ll take the slime over the dogs. Shhhh….. dogs are overrated anyway….. shhhhhh. Homos.

  12. I have to take issue with your note saying that Vick is still a Pariah. He did short time for the type and extent of the crime he committed then after an obscenely short time out of the spotlight signed large dollar contracts with first the Eagles (2009 – 2013), Jets (2015) and the Steelers (2015 and going forward). Is that a pariah. The NFL is currently a rats of felons, drugs,cheats and thieves all of them with the best PR teams in the country. Vick should never have been allowed back into the NFL.

    About dogs and Muslims. If you plan to travel stay away from any Muslim dominated country. If they happen to be believers of Mohammad’s (Blessing and peace be upon the old child raping murderer) they’ll be looking to kill your dog as the Koran says that dogs are unclean and need to be killed, especially big black dogs (like mine). The only ones that are to be spared are dogs that guard sheep and some other one.

    I couldn’t finish the story at the link the sooner the Israeli’s finish off Iran’s hopes of a nuclear caliphate they better. I swear they only pretend to be civilized and that if you scratch a Persian you’ll find a thief or a zealot waiting to “convert” you. Remember these are the people that sent children marching into the guns of Iraqi tanks.

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