Meet Gina Haspel, Trump’s Pick To Be The First Female CIA Director

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DAILY CALLER: Donald Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and said he would nominate CIA director Mike Pompeo as his replacement. The new director of the Central Intelligence Agency will be Gina Haspel, provided that her nomination is confirmed by the Senate.

Here are some important footnotes about Haspel’s career:

  • Haspel will be the first female CIA director in history. The position, which dates back to 1946 when President Truman established the CIA, has to this date been held by 24 different men.


  • Haspel has more than 30 years of history with the CIA. She joined the agency in 1985 and has served the majority of her career in clandestine operations.


  • In 2002, Haspel ran a “black site” prison in Thailand, which was part of a network of prisons established by the agency, as reported by the Washington Post. According to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report, Haspel oversaw “the waterboarding and other harsh techniques” used to interrogate Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, suspected al Qaeda terrorists.  MORE

25 Comments on Meet Gina Haspel, Trump’s Pick To Be The First Female CIA Director

  1. Gee, what a novel idea, promoting from within rather than some clown you owe a favor to because he raised a bunch of dirty money for your campaign!

  2. I think “fired” in this instance could be too strong. Mutually agreed parting of the ways maybe more appropriate. Mr. Tillerson will direct his many talents
    Into different areas of endeavor.

  3. Here’s hoping she’ll be an Irene Kennedy with her own Mitch Rapp in the field doing what needs done.. Maybe a Stan Hurley too.

  4. My initial thoughts of a career CIA person moving into the director position was not favorable. Seems like the swamp continuing to serve the swamp. But Trump likes her, and Mike Rogers came out with a very positive statement so I guess I support it. It’s not like I’m in a position to know one way or another.

  5. CIA has never worked! Waste of taxes!
    Bay of pigs, L H Oswald ….911…FISA!
    Some said, decades ago, that HST turned OSS into a joke because he was mad “Wild Bill” kept the A Bomb secret from him (HST). Whether it was his intent or not; the CIA has been a very costly joke for Americans!

  6. “Well, it’s not really water boarding if you use diesel fuel.” I’ll use line when the opportunity presents itself.

  7. @Blink: If we start to hear about an “analyst” named “Mitch Cruz” we’ll be headed in the right direction!

  8. Gotta love it – a first for a woman the day after HRC gave her Trump and his supporters don’t like women getting jobs speech.

  9. I’d love to see her waterboard that muzzie POS that tried to fuck up our country before Trump saved it!

  10. A Republican POTUS appoints the first woman to a position? Meh.
    Trump has put women in a lot of positions yet the leftists seem to ignore them with the same fervor they ignore Bill Clinton’s numerous rapes and the Clinton Crime family’s long trail of dead bodies.

  11. Does she have to be confirmed to continue as Acting Head? ‘Cause her nomination hearings will be the usual crap coming out of the baby-killing D’s.

  12. Vietvet

    Look for the graphic they occasionally put up on Western Rifle Shooter about Gasoline Boarding.

  13. Wow, the troll net is blowing up over this.
    “Horrors, a dominatrix is being made head if CIA !”
    Well, that’s what they would be saying if they had a sense of humour.
    Ya gotta read between the lines.
    Whatever Soros is paying them, it’s not enough.

  14. President Trump has had women superintendents on his construction jobs for years. Just sayin’. But what the phuck would a Lame Stream Media asshole know about construction. That’s where you get your hands dirty and you can’t brush your teeth after every meal.

  15. @Moe T ~ like I always said while working the sewers … hey! at least it keeps you from biting your nails!

  16. The biggest thing I have against the CIA is they covered up the missile shoot down of TWA800 for Bill C. just before his midterm election. It’s not their job to investigate the crash of commercial airliners in US territory. But they were given the task and did it, instead of refusing it.

    Sure they’ve gone rogue several other times, but I suspect they have also taken out bad guys in events we never read about. And if the movie is half accurate a female agent found Osama’s hiding hole. And pushed the issue to take him out. (though I have little trust in movies about real events being anywhere close to accurate)


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