Meet the Sh!tpickle That Some Sh!tpickle #NeverTrumpers Say They Are Going To Vote For


Gary Johnson blows a gasket when he hears the term “illegal alien.”


…when (Guy)Benson called those crossing the border “illegal immigrants,” Johnson responded, “’Undocumented,’ by the way. If you use the term ‘illegal immigrants’ that is very incendiary to our Hispanic population here in this country.”

Benson countered, “Why is that? Johnson replied, “It just is, It just is,” then added patronizingly, “Just so that you know. So that you know and you don’t have to use that term.”

Benson pressed, “But isn’t the term accurate, in the sense that they enter the country, they emigrated to the country illegally?”

Johnson shouted as he waved his finger in Benson’s face:

They came into this country because they couldn’t get in legally and the jobs existed! And you or I would have done the same thing. And were talking about now, coming from New Mexico, a population with 48% Hispanic, how’s the crackdown on 11 million undocumented workers gonna work out? It’s gonna be dragging people from their homes; that’s how it’s gonna work out.   Checking your papers, house to house, and I gotta tell you: what Donald Trump is saying regarding immigration could not be more incendiary. It’s insulting to me, coming from New Mexico.

 Later in the conversation Johnson admitted he agreed with avowed socialist Bernie Sanders “73 percent of the time.”
This is the guy that is mentioned all the time on NeverTrump sites by the commenters. This is the guy that is “better than Trump.”
There is serious mental disease out there, folks.

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  1. HTF does he have 7%? I’m not buying that BS.

    I also say that the polling about Jill Stein is underreported-her votes come directly out of Hillary.

    I’m listening to Trump’s speech in Phoenix now and he’s killing it. “…maybe we should deport her(Hillary)”!!!! Try and imagine that coming out of Romney’s mouth.

  2. it would not surprise me if sorus or some branch of the Clinton foundation was funding this clown just to pull votes from trump. polling that low he should not even be on the ballot

  3. What a f*cking, superficial opportunist.
    This whore pimps out the libertarian label
    more than Hillary does Dindu Nuffins.

    This moral turd makes Ron Paul seem
    intellectually consistent.

  4. He agrees with Sanders 73% of the time and people voting their ‘conservative’ conscious are throwing their vote to him?!

    And regarding this mumble jumbo on illegals. What about the illegals that come here to prey on Americans and commit crimes? Trump’s speech finale last night was very emotional when he had family members of murdered Americans state their names and stories. Several of those family members had Hispanic names, one Mother said they had come here ‘legally’ only to have her son murdered by an illegal. All were murdered in horrific and senseless situations.

    Anyone voting for a candidate other than Trump is voting for illegals over American citizens. And if Trump stays the course the majority will hopefully realize this by November 8th.

  5. I have a theory though about deep blue states like Illinois and voting for this ass hat. DJT doesn’t stand a chance at winning Illinois, in fact every poll so far has Hellery winning Illinois by 10 miles. They’ve already conceded that Hellery is the clear winner.

    So why not pour piss on their cereal and just vote for Johnson?

  6. He kisses the ass of #BLM.

    He wants more taxes to offset Climate Change.

    And now he kisses the ass of La Raza.

    How is any of that Libertarian?

  7. I saw this “thing” on the news, and seriously … I mean SERIOUSLY … thought he was a borderline retard. His speech pattern was broken, his eyes kind of never focussed on anything, and he spoke like putting an idea into words was confounding. May have been the effect of dope, but it seemed to me more like a mental problem.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I lean Libertarian, and Gary Johnson is not a Libertarian. The net effect of many of Johnson’s positions is that government must first get bigger in order to get smaller, and this is impossible. The fact that Johnson agrees with Sanders at all demonstrates he is not a Libertarian.

    Johnson would be better off to retract his promise to not smoke weed in the White House, and promise to do little more than get baked each and every day and order lots of pizzas.

  9. Shitpickle is too kind. I use words like doofus, dipshit, dummass, idiot, jerk, a–hole, when referring to Gary F-ing Johnson…

    Wanna know why he’s gone from New Mex? He managed to totally piss off EVERYBODY – Dems, Repubs, Indies, black, white, brown. He’s sick in the head; a wacko, shape-shifting, opportunistic bastid…

  10. Immediately after the 2012 election, I read a blog post that excoriated people who either stayed home or voted for Johnson instead of Mitt Romney. Now that blogger is #NeverTrump and praising Gary Johnson. The blogger is no Romney fan but knew that reelecting Barky was a bad idea, and the blogger knows how evil hitlery is, but now suddenly Gary Johnson is the new Reagan. I don’t get it.

  11. This dickhead is advertising on radio here in Florida.
    Trying to come off as reasonable.
    This prick does not have 7-10% in the polls, that is bullshit.
    Ask 1000 people if they know who he is.
    999 will say who? The 1 will say oh yeah, he played for the Eagles…

  12. Oh…you GET it, Zilla.

    It’s just hard to have to pinch yourself to accept that the leftRight (as Fur calls them) are AS MUCH THE ENEMY as the Dems…if not *worse*, in that they are the Quislings inside the tent.

  13. I have some “conservative” friends who plan to vote for this loonbat. They were Cruz supporters initially.

    Trump really f*cked them up.

  14. His radio commercial that runs during Limbaugh says that he’ll get us out of these endless wars.
    Really? Tell the Islamists that we do not choose to participate any longer.

  15. This fart huffing moron doesn’t speak for me. My Hispanic ancestors have roots in this country for well over 100 years and I have absolutely no problem with the term, ‘illegal alien’. Illegal aliens, that’s what they are. They only people that have a problem with the term, ‘illegal alien’ are white liberal SJW types and radical viva la raza type beaners.

  16. I was married to a legal alien. He had to check that box on his taxes. So why is ILLEGAL ALIEN incorrect, shitpickle?

  17. I call ’em what they really are:

    My mom immigrated to the USA LEGALLY even though she had to wait six years for a visa, then upon arrival she had to pass all kinds of security and medical checks, AND demonstrate that she could and would WORK for a living instead of being a drain on the system and she needed an American citizen “sponsor” to vouch for her. My mom EARNED her American citizenship and she has a problem with our government’s invadercoddling. So how come my mom and I are referred to as “anti-immigrant”? Because invadercoddling shit pickles like Gary Johnson insist on butchering the language so as to confuse people on the issue of foreign INVADERS.

  18. If enough Never Trumpers vote for this Johnson asshole that Clinton steals the election, then I hope that violent illegal aliens visit the Never Trumpers homes and steal all their shit.

  19. What Zilla said. My mom came here in the late 60’s, LEGALLY, and had to go through all kinds of stuff – including swearing that she will not support or become an agent of a foreign government against the US.

  20. I’m looking around and I read that Johnson and Stein are actually pulling a lot more votes away from Hillary than they are Trump.

  21. Every republican should be voting for Gary Johnson. Trump is a disgrace and a national embarrassment. One does not have to explain WHY something is offensive. Its pretty frickin obvious why “illegal alien” would be offensive.

    I’m glad that my ancestors never had to deal with such disgusting vitriol….oh wait.. . I’m of Irish and Italian descent . . . they were shit on more than Trump shits on the Mexicans.

    Trump is a sad sad disgrace.

  22. Hey, Tony, you dumb fuck moron. Like I said earlier, I married a LEGAL ALIEN. It said so right on his papers and our taxes when we paid them. He did not get resident status for FIVE YEARS and the paperwork cost us several thousand bucks. Now, if someone comes here ILLEGALLY, as in BREAKING THE LAW to get here, not only are they an ALIEN to this country, but they are an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Capiche?
    Now get back to blowing Jonah Goldberg or any other fake conservative you choose. Fuck weasel.

  23. The United States is supposed to be a welcoming country. Did the Dutch and British come here “legally?”

    No person is “illegal.” That is completely contrary to what this country was built on. I don’t give a fuck how you came here. If you came here for a better life, then I welcome you.

    bienvenidos Todos a Estado Unidos! (that’s pretty much all the Spanish I know!)

    I can’t wait until Trump loses by 200 electoral votes. How happy will all you angry fucks be then?

    How’s that wall coming?

  24. Hey Tony,
    In case you don’t know – that’s a poem, not policy.
    If you don’t like “illegal alien” how bout “illegal alien invading rat-person?”
    Like that better?
    And yes, persons are “illegal” if they break the law, particularly the laws concerning citizenship and immigration.

    Wake the fuck up.

    izlamo delenda est …

  25. It’s not just a poem you blinders-wearing fuck. It’s a philosophy this country was built on – except for those periods when scared small-minded ethnocentrists like you scream and yell about nothing (Irish . . .Italian . . . Chinese . . . Catholics . . . Jews . . . Mexicans) – yet we’re still the greatest nation on Earth and thriving.

    Thankfully there are far more compassionate and empathetic citizens in this great nation than there are of ranting bloviating bigots. 🙂

    ¡Tenemos un gran día, que payasos racistas!

  26. Oh, I thought you only knew one line of spanish. Following the Clinton playbook of lying, eh? Look, you fucking wetback, go back to whatever country you illegally came from. And PAY ME BACK MY MONEY for bringing someone here LEGALLY before you go. You’re a useless asswipe.

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