Mega Douche Gene Simmons Has “Health Event” On Stage – IOTW Report

Mega Douche Gene Simmons Has “Health Event” On Stage

I don’t know about you, but I look at this clip and laugh to myself about how friggin’ stupid he looks sitting there in that outfit. He’s 71 years-old and he still puts on that idiotic get-up in order to turn a buck.

He is supposed to be this omnipotent what? Demon? And he’s sitting there, on his chair, weak from the weight of his cosplay shell.

This is why you retire. If this costume was ever cool, he is sullying it by fading away inside his ironman suit.

What’s next? Instead of breathing fire out his mouth he is going to have explosive diarrhea out the other end?

If you think I’m being harsh, you should read what this guy thinks —> HERE

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  1. Darth Vader helmet hair. I saw them at a taping of “In Concert” when they were just getting started. Eighth grade talent show material, who never got better IMO.

  2. The most BASIC rock band in the World. In some cases 2 Chord Rock.

    Ace had to be taught his parts.

    Gene (douche nozzel) would sell His actual Shits & his fans would buy them if the thoughts had occurred to either party.

    Paul Stanley actually has talent. I saw him perform Phantom of The Opera in Toronto in 1993-4 ish. He was Decent, but you could still hear a bit of lisp in his voice.

    Who knows? He probably Smokes The Meat Hog but it was a Giant leap to do a Theatre Production Live.

    Google it on Y-tube. Its a fun view.

  3. I wanna Rock n’ Roll all night
    but I’m old & I’m gray
    I wanna Rock n’ Roll all night
    but I can’t stay up late

    You give us all the cash you’ve got
    thank suckers, that’s quite a lot
    you bring the bread, we’ll make the gravy
    stop all that shoutin’, you hurt my ears when you’re shoutin’

    I wanna Rock n’ Roll all night
    but I’m old & I’m gray
    I wanna Rock n’ Roll all night
    but I can’t stay up late

    (repeat … ad nauseum)

  4. He probably Smokes The Meat Hog>>>

    Probably? His nickname within the band is Shirley. Ace was recently on the Eddie Trunk Show threatening to “spill some secrets” if Paul Stanley did not retract the statement that with Ace in the band they should be called Piss, not Kiss. And I can tell you with direct knowledge that being gay is the least of what he could have said on Trunk’s show. In the end, Ace took the high-road and did not Kiss n’ Tell.

  5. BFH,

    A lot of people have a Low opinion of Ace.


    I also know that that could be a HIT JOB by the other 2 in the Band.

    Ultimately, I was never invested in that Band.

    Cheers. Thanks for the Web Site.
    I T I S G R E A T !

  6. I knew a guy in art school who in just about every assignment would make KISS his subject matter. If not KISS then famous athletes. He had mastered a photo realistic “style” very well and always got good grades. I found his portfolio a few years back-same style and subject matter. Amazing.

    I never understood the obsession. 🤷‍♀️

  7. Interesting how stuff works.
    Never met or talked with Gene.
    Would like to.
    I got a story from back in the 80’s
    Incident that happened at a Kiss concert
    I saw it and wrote about seeing it here
    Didn’t write what I saw happen, just that I saw it
    Happened in the middle of a song
    Anyways, wish I could relay the story to him
    I suspect he would get a kick out of it
    I’ll save the actual story for later
    Also have a Great We’ll Drive You Crazy Story from later too.
    Has a Springfield Connection. No kidding,

    Off topic: Hey Claudia. Are the Dogs back yet?

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