Megyn Kelly Finally Figured It Out

The public is not interested in media’s obsession with Trump.

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  1. Head to desk stupidity.
    The fact that those talking heads think they are smarter than a man who built several fortunes with actual work (not just reading a script) and that about 90% of Americans are dumber than they they are is amazingly egotistical.
    Sad that they actually take themselves seriously.
    If SNL and today’s comedians still had balls they’d have comedy gold on their hands here.

  2. I watch a little of the “news” each morning to see what’s going on in my own town, the weather, and any accidents to avoid on the way to work. They can’t go five minutes without trashing Trump, and as soon as that starts, I just turn it off.

    Either these “reporters” are complicit in treason, or they are just plain stupid.

  3. Me again has figured out the hole she put herself in and is flailing furiously to remove herself. Too little too late dummy.

  4. She tried to do what the imbecile Joe Scarborough is busily doing now. He’s feeling the same result she did.
    News regurgitaters trying to shape public opinion only works for the brain dead.

  5. It’s amazing how many headlines offer some variation of “Trump attacks…” He can “attack” swamp creatures and liberals all he wants, in my opinion.

  6. MJA said…

    “What’s going on with Megyn’s face? Surgery? Cosmetics? She looks different somehow.”

    Looks like Megyn might’ve gained a little weight or she’s got the John Kerry look from Botox. Inflated face syndrome

  7. Yes MeAgain, you and every self-proclaimed ‘journalist’ are nothing but high-salaried peddlers of LIES and anti-American propaganda.

    Your employers’ agenda undermines the safety, sanity and security of decent law-abiding US citizens who vote.
    Begone whore, and take all your criminal ‘colleagues’ with you!!
    Get this through your heavily made-up face to your shallow brain, we hate you.

  8. At some point in the not-to-distant future, major news outlets will be happy to be labeled “fake news” – at least somebody is paying attention to them. Currently, they are sinking past “fake news” status into “irrelevant” status, and that is the kiss of death.

    Megan Kelly was a major player at Fox, and now people are wondering if she is even on television anymore. I doubt most people can name the news anchors at CBS, ABC or NBC. On radio, it’s even worse; I would bet that a majority of Americans couldn’t name one liberal talking head on radio. The newspaper business is a dying industry.

    It’s no wonder that liberals are relying on Google, Facebook and other major social networks to shape and censor content. But according to many young people I know, Facebook is now the “old peoples’ site” and that may be the beginning of the end. At some point, some ambitious entrepreneur will devise a social media platform that addresses a growing demand for privacy protection and freedom of expression, and other social media sites will either adapt or disappear.

  9. She’s like that $50M power hitter your team signed and he ends up batting .229 with 12 homers. The contract is guaranteed and now you’re stuck with them in the lineup every day. (They still get the $50M no matter how bad they stink it up.)

  10. She had her shot with Fox news a nice cushy job Almost guaranteed good ratings she got greedy and BLEW IT. I don’t watch so I hope she crashes and burns

  11. @MJA…”what’s going on with megan’s face?”….it’s polymer’s….they make masks out of them….she’s really Gordon Ramsey doing a cooking spoof….Maybe Mrs. Doubtfire?…


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