Pope Francis Compares Vatican Whistleblower to Satan

Breitbart: Satan, the “Great Accuser,” has been unleashed against the bishops of the Church, Pope Francis said Tuesday, in a thinly veiled reference to the former Vatican nuncio to the United States.

The former nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, recently accused a number of prelates of dereliction of duty in dealing with clerical sex abuse and claimed that the pope had rehabilitated serial abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, elevating him to a position of influence despite knowledge of his misdeeds.

In an 11-page testimony published on August 25, Viganò alleged that he had personally informed Pope Francis in 2013 of the serial homosexual abuse perpetrated by Cardinal McCarrick, along with sanctions imposed on his ministry by Pope Benedict XVI, and yet the pope lifted those sanctions and involved McCarrick in the naming of future bishops.

“The Great Accuser, as he himself tells God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, roams around the earth looking for someone to accuse,” Francis said in his morning homily at Mass in the chapel of the Santa Marta residence in the Vatican.

In these times “it seems that the Great Accuser has been unleashed and has it in for the bishops,” the pope said.

“It is true, we are all sinners, we bishops,” he said, but the Great Accuser “seeks to unveil sins so that they may be seen, to scandalize the people.”

Despite the pope’s frequent calls for transparency and accountability for those responsible for committing or covering up sex abuse, he seemed to suggest Tuesday that the former nuncio had behaved like Satan by making public the errors of his brother bishops.

When asked about these allegations shortly after their publication, Pope Francis dodged questions from reporters, telling them to read the accusations and make their own assessment of their credibility.

On the papal plane returning from Ireland in late August, a journalist asked the pope if it were true that the papal nuncio had explicitly informed him in 2013 of sexual abuse perpetrated by Cardinal McCarrick and subsequent sanctions imposed on him by Pope Benedict XVI.  more here


SNIP: Zonga sent in a video-

Pope Francis Must Resign: Criminal Probe Widens


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  1. “… seeks to unveil sins so that they may be seen, to scandalize the people.”

    If the criminals (sinners) are punished their crimes (sins) cannot scandalize.

    We are cleansed through purgation.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Either Vigano is lying or the Pope is trying to get you to believe lies without actually uttering them. One is much more plausible to me than the other.

  3. That should be about it for Francis the talking mule. He behaves like the worst of those in the Democrat party of this country

  4. “It is true, we are all sinners, we bishops,” he said, but the Great Accuser “seeks to unveil sins so that they may be seen, to scandalize the people.”

    What a scummy motherfucker. He just told us that what the guy is accused of is just common place and no big deal among them. It’s the whistleblower’s fault, he’s making the church look bad. LOL!
    I don’t think the pope of Weinsteins has any intention to clean out the pervs, you guys.

  5. “It wasn’t me, it was Satan buggering the little boy”
    “I was just the unwitting instrument used by the dark one”

  6. Francis will not get away with this.

    NY, New Jersey, are investigating; the DOJ along with several other states investigating, Don’t forget Pennsylvania is at it in a big way.

    DOJ considering RICO charges and human rights violations on bishops and the rest of them, child sexual abuse charges as well.

    This is the showdown, finally.

    (“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest”)

  7. Hold on there, we are not all sinners.
    Yes all have sinned, but if you or I have given are life to Jesus we are not sinners, we are saints, big difference. That’s what the Bible says, your free to believe what you want.

  8. It’s go time for Catholic Christians.
    If they do not act to remove all their corrupt, self-appointed (for life) hierarchs, including Papa Frank who should be out on his ass ASAP, then their Church has been successfully diminished to a wicked cult.

  9. MJA nailed it! “What a scummy motherfucker.”

    The Pope is Satan if the truth be told. If you open up your wallet and give to the Catholic church, you are openly permitting this church of Satan to carry on it’s unforgivable sins against God’s people. JMHO.

  10. I don’t want to be anywhere near the Judgement Seat when he faces God. It will be hard enough to face my own Judgement, I don’t want to watch God’s frightfully Holy Justice when he tells this Pope where he is going.

  11. How is what this pope doing any better than allowing Sharia law to replace our criminal justice system? These scumbags are guilty of crimes against children and coercive rape against non-consenting seminarians. These are crimes. We have courts and prisons to handle this. Pope Frank go suck the big wazoo (but maybe he already does).

    Redgrandma — I hit send to early.

  12. [Originally Penned and posted on 6 March, ARSH 2016. Given Antipope Bergoglio’s new tack of accusing the victims and whistleblowers of being themselves the cause of scandal, of being little satans, this piece is a must-read. Its follow-up on the sin of scandal – REAL scandal – will be next.]
    GASLIGHTING – It’s What Antipope Bergoglio is trying to do to the entire world right now


    And here is text of what I had to say about the diabolical son of a bitch in an email response I sent to a guy I used to correspond with way back in 2014:

    I am a man of strong convictions and I am also a man who doesn’t mince words.

    Reform is one thing, wholesale “fundamental transformation” (where have we seen that lately) is something else all together.

    You are conversing with a man who has called the USCCB THE single most corrupt institution in America and I stand behind that statement. I was born into The Church and when I was about six years old the organ music and the choir (which was up in a choir loft singing praise to OUR Savior) was replaced by a hootenanny jug band that had to be up front and center (transforming the Sacred Alter into a stage).

    You may not get it, and I did not fully appreciate what was going on until I did a LOT of research (I knew there was something wrong about this arrangement, but could not sort it out on my own and get my mind around EXACTLY what bothered me so about that, although, deep down I understood in my gut that “something was not quite the same post Vatican II FUNDAMENTALY).

    It bothered me that deep down I sensed that this change had changed the Sacred Mass, not this alone mind you, but it was a major contributing factor.

    Let me, in my totally layman’s terms, explain how that dynamic affected the Mass. The priest and the choir no longer was facing the alter, and Catholic’s understanding is that our Lord is actually present in the Eucharist. The consecrated hosts were housed on the alter and the priest, the choir and the congregation all faced our Lord and sang praise to our lord before the “reforms” of Vat II.

    The sacred Mass is not a pageant that is performed for us, the sinners. It is a sacrament and allows us the collective opportunity to give praise to our Lord and savior and to beg for forgiveness. It is something our Lord very generously gave to us.

    I say it is, not was, and it still is, but this FUNDAMENTAL transformation affected the dynamic in ways that reverberate today.

    WE, the choir, the priest and the congregation are no longer all looking at our Lord and savior and singing Him praise collectively. We are not spending that hour on our knees, bowing down and asking forgiveness, help and redemption every Sunday either.

    We are not demonstrating that we understand that, BUT FOR You, we would not even have the opportunity to be here on this earth enjoying all that You gave us, but also living through the trials and tribulations that hopefully we will learn and grow from.

    I am a strong believer in “dignity of office” and, love him or hate him, Ronald Reagan would, out of respect for the office WE elected him to, and by extension show respect for the American people, not even remove his suit coat or sport coat in the Oval Office. That is how this truly humble man showed his respect and THAT is the mark of a humble man.

    Ronald Regan understood something, he was “old school,” that the shirt you wear under your coat was considered “under garments.” Times and customs do change, but in the era he was brought up in, THAT was the understanding.

    To be in the Oval Office in shirt and tie was to be representing free and dignified people in your under garments. You may disagree, but THAT was the man’s ethos, he was showing each of us respect by maintaining a certain dignity when he REPRESENTED US. And let us be perfectly clear, he was in that office to represent a dignified and proud people and to lead us upward and onward.

    To remove that coat would, to him, been like saying that WE the American people are not deserving of the highest respect.

    What difference does it make, so long as he has a shirt and tie on?

    Well, lets put it into context of a muslim President, who knows what a muslim showing YOU the sole of his footwear means.

    We now have a President who puts his feet up on the Lincoln desk and aims the sole of his shoes at the photographer HE invited in to document and broadcast the message he had for the American people.

    I do not take this sort of insult lightly. In fact it was a message that will resonate with me for all eternity. This low bred son of a bitch deliberately and with malice aforethought, insulted me personally and every American. And what is more, with that single gesture, let us all know EXACTLY where we stand with him. I don’t take this type of insult lightly and I do, and will always, hold it against the dirty motherfucker as a personal insult.

    So, just in case you think I digress, let me put the above into context: Both obama and Bergoglio, AKA Pope Narcissus are progressives. They want to play your emotions and not your intellect (which if nothing else the Johnathan Gruber’s remarks should illustrate how “they” feel about you). Both Bergoglio and obama (I won’t capitalize the bastard’s name) are students and devotees of Marx and graduate students of Alinski.

    Both are trained manipulators of Gruber’s “stupid people’s” people’s emotions.

    Bergoglio must be deconstructed in order to understand the allure he has over the masses and that means that you MUST put his appeals to emotion into context of the Alinski model in order to place them into the proper context that will allow you to understand what his designs truly are.

    Gruber, obama and Bergoglio all are using the same play book (Alinski’s Rules for Radicals) to win over enough “stupid people” to gain a majority. Don’t fall for it!

    But in order to do that you must first study and understand the history of the progressive movement. The National Socialists in Germany would have NEVER come to power… but for the support financially and intellectually of the American and western European progressive movement.

    You MUST go to the source documents and read what the progressive movement actually published in their own periodical literature in the 1920’s and 30’s in order to fully appreciate how they sought to advance their agenda by subterfuge built around emotional appeal.

    It is all explained in detail even though they had to wait decades for Alinski to articulate comprehensively on how to apply methods to implement their goals.

    Gil, progressives supported Hitler as they supported Lenin and the Bolsheviks’ as they rose in stature, gained control and consolidated their power. This is unimpeachable history, but you have to seek it out and study it on your own. The progressives, following Dewey took control of all of our learning institutions for a stated purpose (again you have to study the progressives’ own literature to validate this). They deliberately and systematically took control of our schools for a stated purpose: in order to control the flow of information to the upcoming generations.

    Now here is where the connection is made: Bergoglio is a devotee of Liberation Theology, THAT is his legacy, irrespective of what you read in the popular press. Regardless of what you may read in the “Catholic” press. And despite the support he enjoys amongst the “Catholic” hierarchy. He is a progressive devotee, first, last and always.

    OK, so now you are saying that the hierarchy of The Church is corrupt, so how can you remain Catholic? Do you consider yourself a true American?

    Oh, I am certain that you do. But the Democrat Party and the Republican establishment controls politics in America and unless I am sadly mistaken you recognize that they control America today. The question is: Do you still believe that the American model, based on our Constitution, is the best hope for liberty and just governance? Of course you do. I do too.

    You have witnessed how much damage progressive infiltrators have done to our way of life, they are not Americans and by their own history, considering that they supported the most efficient engines of innocent human misery, suffering and death, during the last century, that the world has ever known… conceding “good intentions” to progressives, despite their rhetoric, is not a logical option at this point.

    Take what I have said about the Soviet Union and who it’s champions were, take the National Socialists and who it’s champions were, and apply that to EVERY genocidal regime in the last century. Progressivism is all about innocent human suffering, misery and death.

    Now lets bring up Bergoglio and his political philosophy, he is a devotee of Liberation Theology i.e. progressivism. He talks a game of compassion and champions “progressive” causes regardless of how destructive they are to the ultimate goal of uplifting all of mankind.

    The laws of economics, like the laws of physics, are immutable. You can say that our understanding of physics has grown and therefore evolved, BUT what you cannot say is that given our contemporary understanding of physics that if you drop an apple that you can reasonably expect it will float. Can you?

    Today, we have ample evidence that a minimum wage of $15/hour is an unsustainable business model in our present economy. But Bergoglio supports just that. Why so? In my mind there is only one answer to that question, he is bound and determined to level society worldwide, not by uplifting those at the bottom, but to bring those at the top down.

    Bring the top down and who buys the fruits of the lower classes labor at a “fair trade” price? For the love of God, if there is no rich man to compete against the tyrant names the price a commodity sells for. Does he not?

    Bergoglio also is a Global Warmist, and as such wants us to hamstring our American economy, actually makes emotional demands that we do so, while excusing Marxist regimes from any criticism. He actually wants regimes that are the most repressive, most responsible for innocent human suffering, misery and death, most evil, to increase in stature while simultaneously placing a weight on the head of people everywhere that enjoy some modicum of economic liberty and freedom. AND to name the price that human labor sells for at the local level.

    Pope Narcissus is a wolf in shepard’s clothing, he is nothing more and nothing less than an obama with a croizer and a miter. He is a progressive and as such subscribes to a political philosophy that is invested in innocent human misery, suffering and death and even that is not enough to slake the progressive thirst for evil, progressives also seek to condemn as many immortal souls as possible to an eternity in hell. That theological discussion is a topic for another day.

    Given my well studied understanding of progressivism and applying it to Bergoglio it is relatively easy to make the leap that I have made regarding his economic prescriptions. The doctor is a quack, or worse. Given his alignment with liberation theology, Bergoglio should be recognized for the evil he promotes.

    Progressives are first, last and always working to advance the progressive ideal. The progressive ideal is increased innocent human misery, suffering and death and their rhetoric and works in the name of uplifting the downtrodden are just subterfuge.

    Look at what progressive policies have wrought if you have a problem with me calling them out. I am not the only person who is capable of deconstructing progressive’s rhetoric.

    Look at what their policies have produced and apply that logical examination to what progressivism has to offer in the future. They, of all people are aware of what application of their political philosophy is responsible for.

    Willful ignorance is never an excuse and in this case the jury is in. Bergoglio’s economic prescription for curing what ails mankind has been tried and not only has it been found wanting, it has been found to increase innocent human suffering, misery and death.

    I am not willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt, as I might if his suggestions were novel, they are not. Not by north of a half a billion tortured souls who perished in the last century implementing what Bergoglio prescribes. This MAN is a menace. His political philosophy will lead to increased innocent human suffering, misery and death. I make that calculation based on DOCUMENTED history.

    The man is evil incarnate and what is more he des not have the luxury of claiming that he did not have the opportunity to examine history. He is not unaware. Documentary evidence of history of the affect of implementing progressive policies simply does not allow that “ignorance” as a mitigating factor today.

    As a Catholic, I believe that his “leadership” of The church will also lead to increasing the number of immortal souls that never get to live in heaven with our Lord. I have gone into the dichotomy that I perceive between his rhetoric and how his policy decisions play out here on earth in this long discussion. I will expand on that later.

    I could discuss how his “leadership” affects the immortal soul of innocents, but that is a discussion for later. That discussion revolves around a Pope validating false assumptions, that two millennium of very bright and learned men have interpreted in ways that this pious megalomaniac has chosen to disregard.

    I am mad and I am impertinent right now. If I were to go into a discussion of Bergoglio and his fellow travelers have infiltrated The Church my blood pressure would result in me having a red painted ceiling. Let me just say that what concerns me regarding the uplift of all of mankind, and this one man wrecking ball has done, shrinks to insignificance in comparison to the damage he has done to the eternal souls he has condemned.

    Bergoglio’s validation of heresy is not something any Catholic (capital C) with a conscience can sit by and let slide. The consequences to the immortal souls of innocents will not allow that.

    I know that I have focused more on his economic buffoonery, but that as a non Catholic is something you can appreciate. The assault on The Church is something I understand, but articulating a coherent message takes time.

  13. @Zonga – that was a good, informative video, and I’m not trying to make light of a serious subject, but good gawd – that announcer’s hideous toupee! Does he own a mirror?

    Seriously, I look forward to these investigations bearing fruit. The evil, commie pope must be removed.


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