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Melania’s farewell address

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  1. …next time, it’ll be…Jill.

    …I can’t think of a more crushing symbol of all we’ve lost.

    …but I’m sure there will be worse to come…

  2. If she is sad, I don’t blame her.
    If she is happy, I still don’t blame her. lol

  3. AMEN.

    O.K. deus vult muther fuckers. This was the blessing before we run out on the football field and deliver swift and merciless pain.

  4. If I looked like her I would own most of the known world…..BWAAHAAHAA HAA HAA….

  5. Tasteful, classy, beautiful. Talent and intelligence in spades. We will be going from this to DOCTOR Jill, whose major claim to fame is she can operate a Diaper Genie.

  6. Have to say did not watch it.

    Maybe for a few reasons…but definitely not to feel sad or nostalgic.

    ONE being it reminds me of how much I HATE the media for not only what they have done to this country but what they TRIED to do to this VERY strong, intelligent and a REAL knockout.

    She should also do a version in EACH of the half dozen languages she’s KNOWS, JUST to piss those fuckers off.

    BTW, still don’t think she is going ANYWHERE on Wednesday other than in a very protected undisclosed location…she just may be an actress in This Final Act?

  7. …men have gone to war over Helen of Troy before.

    Just sayin’.

  8. Her and Trump were hopelessly out gunned and outmatched by the treasonous Deep State and their MSM-Hollywood-Social Media allies. Their worse enemy though was the federal government. The entire federal government was weaponized against them. The resources and deep pockets of the US government are nearly limitless. Not to mention when China is also added to the mix. Now with the only thing holding them back is being kicked out, ruined and shamed they can now turn their full attention and resources on us. They are disgusting pedophiles but they are far from stupid. They learned their lesson from the lazy blue-gummer they had in there before and they will not make the same mistakes twice. They will be sure to completely stomp out the competition this time. Not that taking out Burr or Brad would be any challenge but they are also coming in the form of endless regulation, net neutrality, endless taxes, hyperinflation, green new deals, and other job killing ideas. We will not survive…

  9. Luv her! Prettiest 1st lady ever!
    And always classy.

  10. YOU will not survive. We’re been over this before. Also, keep your crying on the other thread. No reason to puke your inanities all over the site.

    Now, about the bitch wagon you drive…..fully automatic I assume?

  11. Simply a woman of character, courage and class. She displayed incredible grace under tremendous pressure and I believe she truly is grateful having served as First Lady and is genuinely relieved it’s over….at least for now.

    Thank you Melania, you’re the best America has to offer.

  12. I never rated her based on her looks. She seemed sincere and never got a fair break from the media. My personal Favorite was Nancy Reagan.
    Just like Donald Trump, Melania was attacked before she even got to the White House.

    I wish her happiness and health.

  13. Yes Ray, I know the news letter that you get from “Q Quarterly” says that Q will come into DC on Inauguration Day riding a Unicorn that will be farting out all the evidence found on Nancy Pelosi’s captured computer and it will be enough to put them all away for ever!!!! But you forgot to read the fine print at the end of newsletter when you were riding the bus to the senior rec center where it stated the newsletter was printed in China.

  14. You must look to the fine people of Eastern Europe to find the best examples of Americans. Sadly, there are few native-borne exemplars over here now. Just whiney, self-important snowflakes.

  15. Buh bye. Now we’ll have a First Lady who believes in science. And who keeps her clothes on.


  17. Larry, that’s because not even the most fervent porn addict wants to see Jill with her clothes off. Or any democrat for that matter, especially Big Mike.

  18. I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. Like Ghost, I have a gut feeling something huge is about to happen. Maybe Trump has been letting all of this play out – for the Dems to think he’s backed down, to get all his ducks in a row, to see who backstabbed him – all to allow for the biggest sting of stings to happen in real time.

  19. @Larry the Liberal – let’s talk a little science shall we?

    Do you address every phd you know, and I know you know TONS of them, do you address them all as DR.?

    If you do?

    You are a bigger asshole than first thought and I never comment back at you.

    Her thesis was riddled with basic grammar mistakes and apparently was not well edited…

    Fuck off.

    You are too easy.

  20. @Anonymous: “ You must look to the fine people of Eastern Europe to find the best examples of Americans. Sadly, there are few native-borne exemplars over here now. Just whiney, self-important snowflakes.”

    I’ve made it no secret here or anywhere else that I have a passion for Eastern European women. Melania fits that requisition to a “tee”.

    Alas, extramarital does never bode well. That said, admitting that my current wife is of Eastern European lineage, I want to say that I have never known love in the scope and breadth of what love is thought to purvey, than that of the love in the arms and the mind of one Lithuanian lovely who I betrayed so badly and left behind. That Lithuanian lady is the love of my life.

  21. Larry The Liberal
    JANUARY 18, 2021 AT 10:10 PM
    Now we’ll have a First Lady who keeps her clothes on.

    And for that, we’re a grateful nation.

    MJA, is the night court closed? I’d like to file a restraining order.

  22. Feed that troll all night long, because in less than a year, all right-leaning blogs will be toast.

    Enjoy your time in the butt-hole-sunshine, Larry.

  23. It ain’t over.
    I predict liberal suicides up by 90%.
    Let’s call it Epsteining.
    It’ll be a good day.

  24. I’m saying, it’s over. It didn’t need to be. Trump had the plan. But in the end his staff and son in law submarined him and the country. I hope he goes after these people hard once he’s set up. Especially his fucking son in law.

  25. @Chuckie I feel the same way, this isn’t just going to be some smooth transition over, I have my suspicion that there are still some surprises involved that we’ve yet to see.
    I also feel this way partly because I fear that, if there are no more good surprises coming, this is the end of the line for everything good that remains of this country. Once we allow Biden to take office and things move left at 10x the pace they did under Obama, I don’t see any way back shy of armed revolt, and I’m getting too old for that sort of thing.
    I’m sitting on an email I may be sending to a competitor in my line of work to offer to sell out to him if Biden does simply take office this week and things rapidly speed up for our societal decline. I figure, if the time is here, then I’m getting out while I can (not the country, just society in general). I won’t have anything left to believe in for the USA if things turn over and the new regime starts their plan of action, better that those of us who can leave it all behind do so before we get to where we are no longer able to.

  26. A much different tone than Big Mike’s “I was a prisoner in a house built by slaves” BS. Let’s see how the press claim Jill and Kamala are the most beautiful women to be in the WH since Big Mike.

  27. Brad, as much as everyone seems to like Ivanka, I say she is a libtard, not full leftist, but one of the ignorant libtards that can’t see what leftism does to a country. So I think it was a team effort, with her because she’s not that bright and thought it was the PC thing to do, her husband because he’s a dickhead leftist.
    Daddy I don’t think ever learned to tell precious daughter no. He should have listened to his sons, they are the smart ones.

  28. Is Jill Biden about to be the most beautiful, smartest First Lady ever? I’ve heard she’s a medical doctor who should be the Surgeon General from Whoopi Goldberg.


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