Trump installs new NSA General Counsel with 72 hours to go – IOTW Report

Trump installs new NSA General Counsel with 72 hours to go

Pelosi freaked.

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  1. I think pelosi is having bad dreams about her future. She know things are going to go bad for her. I’m not on gab so I can’t go back and reread a post, but it described a transition to military rule, biden not only not being inaugurated, but being arrested, along with pelosi and others. I’m still a blind optimist.

  2. Worst “Americans” in America:
    – Soros
    – Pelosi
    – Big Tech CEOs
    And all their henchmen

    They all hate US, every one of them.
    – Why? I don’t get it.

  3. @Joe6pak – Either one of two things as I see it now will happen:

    DJT will be the POTUS on Wed/Thur. OR

    NO ONE will be the POTUS on Wed/Thur/Fri/etc…and there just might be some type of non traditional military ‘non-coup’, but more like an extended transition (not sure how long?) to the proper WINNER and WE ALL KNOW WHO THAT ORANGE HAIRED GUY IS.

    Oh and not exactly sure who if anyone will be arrested although 2000 troops/police were ‘marshallized’ today…

    Watch this short vid:


  4. I wonder how long he’ll keep his job.

    How permanent could it be? Wouldn’t Biden fire him in a few days, or a few hours after the inauguration?

  5. TimBuktu, If biden isn’t inaugurated he can’t fire him. There are strange things happening in DC. 30,000 troops? Fencing set up to keep people in instead of keeping people out? 2000 National Guardsmen sworn in as Federal Marshall’s? I’m maintaining a hope for a miracle.

  6. FEMA = Parallel Government + Active Since March = More Powerful than the Constitution or President + Head of FEMA is a Patriot.

  7. DJS – I read an article, a few days ago, stating what you just said. Pete Gaynor, head of FEMA, was appointed by Trump. Also, if I remember correctly a State of Emergency was declared, by Trump, Jan 11-24th authorizing all disaster relief efforts to be coordinated by FEMA. I hope it all comes together.

  8. joe6pak JANUARY 18, 2021 AT 11:09 PM

    Fencing set up to keep people in instead of keeping people out?

    Why not both? Got them corralled and keep out any interference.

  9. Ah Clem JANUARY 18, 2021 AT 9:56 PM

    Two thoughts on that:

    Can’t find a date on it’s publication, so how old is it? Been fooled by old hope porn before.

    And, why hasn’t anything happened already with it if it’s so darn much and true? Does it HAVE too be last minute?

    So people like me will be praying for action until it’d nigh impossible for action on this tragedy.

    Heck, people like me will be praying a miracle will still happen even if China Joe is inaugurated.

  10. Now why in the world would PRESIDENT Trump even bother with such an appointment since he’s out at noon on Wednesday?


  11. IOTW Repotards,

    Holy shit!! If you want to know why Trump lost look in the fucking mirror. I have read less idiotic things in Freeper feeds than I am reading here on this thread. What convoluted far off distraction that they throw out there won’t you swallow?? I mean Linda Lovelace couldn’t deep throat this shit as well as you guys. It no longer borders on pathetic but it is utterly pathetic.

    Instead of working hard locally over the years to ensure good people were installed all along you fantasize about ridiculous Hail Mary’s from an completely outmatched ousted president.

    Threads like this clearly prove that the conservative base is too desperately stupid to offer any resistance in its current incarnation. The leftist winnowing rod is going to have to cull the dumb and weak from us.

    No wonder we can’t offer true resistance and it is now very clear to all how RINOs are able to hijack the party. Please do some research and do critical THINKING for Christ’s sake before lifting your skirts and showing everyone how completely stupid you all are.

    You put too much emphasis on Trump and the left knows it. They took out the Shepard and it worked in scattering the sheep. Please stop acting like retarded sheep!

    We need a grass roots revival of sorts but dependent thinkers like you are not going to supply it.

  12. Repotards? Oh, I get it, a play on republican & retarded.
    Hahaha! Well, we can see what side you are on.
    The one that can still use the term “retarded” as a derogatory term without any social consequences.
    Good for you! Well done! Be proud of yourself. Good boy!
    Extra Social Credits for YOU!
    The BitCoin of sad fucks that like living under the thumb of repressive socialism.

    BTW, we are not republicans here. We are conservatives mixed with libertarians. Though libertarians should probably wake up a bit these days.

    Yes, the asterisk* will be inaugurated in front of a military crowd that didn’t and NEVER would vote for him in a cordoned-off city from hell.

    That said, I don’t have a problem with folks that still hold out for a miracle.
    If only because they still believe that this country is still a republic that can’t be stolen and destroyed from within by evil, nasty, beings.

    Hope is not a problem, hopelessness is.
    God bless those optimists.

    Ironically, tonight on MeTV the Twilight Zone episode is the very second episode ever aired.
    It’s titled, “One for the Angels.”
    A pitchman has to make a final pitch to delay death in an effort to save a precious little girl.
    One for the ages… a pitch for the angels.

    Perhaps this is their pitch for the Angels?
    Let them be. Embrace their hope.

    Lewis J. Bookman, age sixtyish. Occupation: pitchman. Formerly a fixture of the summer, formerly a rather minor component to a hot July. But, throughout his life, a man beloved by the children, and therefore, a most important man. Couldn’t happen, you say? Probably not in most places – but it did happen in the Twilight Zone.

  13. @saltine, what the actual fuck? Reportards is a take on IOTW “Report” you senile mouth breather. And no where in my post did I mention republican? Your tangential convoluted thinking made you draw that conclusion. Instead of addressing the issue of false hope based on what is most certainly leftist disinformation you want them all to waste precious time and resources wallowing in it. Do people drive you to work or hold your hand when u go to the bathroom? Are you that much of a mental invalid? You must be to be quoting fiction like the Twilight Zone at time like this. You want them hanging on false hope? Is that so they don’t notice the revolver being placed to the back of their heads? The Left has you all right where they want you, scared, unorganized, pathologically sentimental, running down blind alleys and lacking critical thinking skills. Please just don’t get on the train for a free shower before asking me about it first!

  14. I have lost all hope that anything is going to stop the hoe and child molester from being installed.
    Some days I’ve lost all hope in people on the right when they still believe you can just vote out the RINOS.
    I haven’t though lost total hope in our country, because at that point I might as well lay down and never get back up.

  15. “and lacking critical thinking skills”

    Yet “ FukkYouAll & EatShitAndDie” is the best username you could come up with? You should have named yourself “Stacked Red M&M On Hunter Biden’s Tallywacker.” And you can’t even spell “fuck” right you bound for hell leftist pederast. 🖕💩🖕

  16. We had a real Grassroots Revival (remember the Tea Party, in response to Zeros’ Obamacare overreach)? The Tea Party was decentralized, had no real leader and it resonated around the USA.
    The Lefties smeared it as an Astro-Turf and a Rent-A-Crowd operation … because THAT is what they do, always projecting their sins onto their opponents. The RINOs agreed with them, to go along to get along, because THAT is what they do.
    It is too bad that the last flight on 9/11/2001, Flight 93, did not reach its destination on the US Capital.

  17. @Loretta, You got it half right. Mitch McConnell led the charge against the Tea Party because they were an existential threat to his power base. He employed the MSM and leftists to help him (Sundance at the CHT has a great deal of info on Cocaine Mitch). He and Obama (Uniparty) weaponized the IRS against them too. My folks who were business owners were endless audited over it even though mom was a brilliant business woman and used the old school double entry accounting flawlessly. The IRS finally fessed up to the fact that they were auditing them because of their donations to the Tea Party. This kind of jacked Boot approach is what is coming our way. Be ready for it.

    @Jerry the Jenius, I spelled it that way to avoid any potential filters but then you aren’t very sophisticated so I am not surprised by your statement. But then all of your attention is laser focused on false hope so I’ll let it drop.

    God help the conservative base.


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