Memphis womens basketball player Jamirah Shutes charged with assault after sucker punch – IOTW Report

Memphis womens basketball player Jamirah Shutes charged with assault after sucker punch

NYP: Memphis women’s basketball star Jamirah Shutes has been charged with assault after appearing to punch a Bowling Green player in a handshake line following a game between the teams Thursday night. 

Bowling Green released a statement to Ohio CBS affiliate WTOL saying that Shutes, a senior guard who made second-team All-AAC this season, has been criminally charged. 

In the handshake line after the Falcons defeated Memphis 73-60 in the NIT’s Round of 16 on Thursday night in Bowling Green, Ohio, Shutes stopped to exchange words with Bowling Green guard Elissa Brett and appeared to throw a punch

“Following Thursday’s unwarranted physical incident after the WNIT home game, the Bowling Green State University Police Department has charged a member of the Memphis Women’s Basketball team with assault,” the university’s statement said. 

“Additionally, BGSU Athletics is conducting its own review. Violence is never acceptable and our priority remains the health, safety and support of our student-athlete, who is recovering and doing well.  MORE

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  2. Black female privilege. If this had been a white male, a dozen federal agencies would be involved and perpetrator would be in jail without hope of ever getting out.

  3. Threw a punch, or “appeared to throw a punch”? Who writes this stuff? She threw a punch, and was charged with assault. Battery should have been included in the charges. Privileged thugs.

  4. I grew up in Detroit, no story here. This is normal activity amongst a certain subculture. Never, ever, get near a group of said subculture without a cordless hole puncher.

  5. Black on white crime. The player should be expelled from college, any scholarships forfeited. But the knee-grow will get a pass, rewarded and reminded how bad life is for the knee-grows and her behavior is justified.

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    This particular Garbage needs to get KICKED OFF the TEAMS and PAY for her own Education.

  7. She was clearly triggered.
    A mostly white BB team beating a mostly black BB team? That cannot stand without a fight. Whites can’t be allowed to appropriate this sport.

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  14. Switch the skin colors and you’ll have riots in the streets and speeches on the House floor about this.
    But since the attacker is of the approved skin color, this is brave or should just be ignored, otherwise shut racist.


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