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  1. WTF, BFH???

    I’m in here trying to get the plant rolling, have a minute to check my email and look in here, and now I’m having to pull my beard guard down and lift my glasses up to scrub my eyes so the Africans don’t look at me funny and take it as a sign of weakness!

    …seriously, thanks for that, nice to see there’s still love in this loveless world that transcends time and infirmity. May God bless those two for the rest of their days on Earth, and let them have this reuninon again before the feet of the Lord where they can be together like this forever.

    I needed this, as I am burdened for myself, for my family, and for Anymouse right here among others. Sometimes we all need to step away from the grim world of man-caused disasters and stand in the wash of the love that the Lord makes possible to take some encouragement and draw some strength from each other and from Him.

    God bless you fur,

  2. F’ing monsters who separated families like this are horrible. For every story like this, there’s likely thousands in which a love one died alone while their person was tortured being kept away. Thank God this sweet couple got to embrace each other.

  3. Goldenfoxx
    MARCH 25, 2023 AT 9:43 AM
    “@tctsunami: Praise God that that’s two souls Fauci didn’t get, and I bet he’s pissed about it.”

    …his boss, satan, is SUPER pissed about it, and not just them, but the fact that those souls and NO souls belong to the government but to God, and the government and satans minions like Fauci can only destroy bodies, not souls…

  4. never forget the long list of what “they” did to stop a duly elected president who wasn’t in their club in order to protect their money laundering, drug running, human/sex trafficking, and political enterprise

  5. This reminds me of my parents (90 & 93) meeting for the first time after they had been confined to two different nursing homes for 3 months. After a LOT of begging and pleading, I got my dad transferred to my mom’s nursing home just as they were closing down for Covid. Luckily he was placed on the same floor and wing as my mom, or they wouldn’t have been able to see each other. He died 2 months later, just after their 69th wedding anniversary. I hadn’t been able to physically visit them during his duration there. They BARELY let me in to tell my mom that dad had passed. It still tears me up inside. F**CKER$.

  6. SNS,
    Take care and remember your own health. Care givers need to stay healthy or they’re of no use when they become the ones needing the assistance.

    Remember to do as I say and not…

  7. They are so wonderful! Made me tear up especially when that sweet woman started praising God.
    A testimony of God’s grace and mercy in the middle of a Hellish situation created by Satan.
    To be blessed to live that long and survive The Covid Plandemic is a miracle.

  8. Dear God. This was both hard and awesome to watch.
    They should have NEVER been separated in the first place.
    Fauci and all those criminals who did stuff like this will have to answer to God when that day comes.


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