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Guy Powers Up His Rollerblades

What was the old joke about the hardest part of rollerblading?

Telling your parents you are gay.

But these are not quite gay. Maybe a little. 2

4 mph on rollerblades is pretty swift.

4 Comments on Guy Powers Up His Rollerblades

  1. I always felt that rollerblades should be like a three-wheeled motorcycle or chopper for better balance.
    The nature of the ride almost required an additional joint around the calf area.
    Definitely will be improved upon in the future and I will get nothing for it.

  2. When Mr Illustr8r couldn’t play ice hockey he’d play roller hockey. He still has a pair and still skates.

    His response to this video-“Yeah! Lol! This would b suicide!! Great idea! 😉”


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