Wedge Tornado Ripping Through Mississippi – IOTW Report

Wedge Tornado Ripping Through Mississippi


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  1. I follow Reed Timmer when goes on his tornado chasing. He can be intense at times. He was a hoot when his rig got taken out by Hurricane Ian. He couldn’t “back it up” he was under water. Funny how he tells people not to do what he does…..

  2. Reed & other stormchasers were carrying the injured to hospitals as far away as Vicksburg – stormchasers are great guys & go into search & rescue mode in the aftermath to help local authorities.

  3. As far as I know (and this is from taking NWS spotter training, not storm chasing itself) a wedge tornado is simply chaser slang for a tornado that looks very wide because it’s kicking up so much stuff from the ground, i.e. it looks like a huge wedge from their position on the ground. The bigger the tornado the bigger the field of destruction can be and there is a point where it really doesn’t matter if it’s the actual tornado that they are seeing or not.

  4. @Goldenfoxx

    There’s a reason they tell you, don’t chase tornadoes if you don’t know what you’re doing. First one I ever chased, I parked right in front of it. As it was rain-wrapped, I couldn’t see a damn thing, & by the time I decided to get outta there, RFD nearly rolled my big station wagon as I was escaping. That was May of ’96 – I’ve gotten better since then – I’m still here.

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