Men Are From Mars… So Are Women

A female, I think, urchin is suing the Fort Collins area of Colorado for the right to go topless because men can, and that’s discrimination.

The basis of her claim necessitates the belief that men’s and women’s chests are exactly the same and that women’s chests are not a a source of sexual intrigue for men.

These crunts want to remove this source of sexual intrigue and make it mundane, like I’m looking at Larry’s chest.

I guess an argument can be made that women are turned on by some men’s chests and not others, but that is wrong. VERY WRONG. STOP IT.

I can’t wait for the high school gym teacher that chooses up teams into shirts versus skins and puts a handful of girls on the skins team, and then have him argue that it’s discrimination to to only have the boys be skins.

Also, why would women ever say “my eyes are up here” when men stare at their chests. I’ve never had Larry say that to me.

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  1. It would make it easier to tell boys from girls.
    The bathroom door could have boobs or no boobs.
    Course some guys do have boobs
    Ok never mind

  2. Let her stand by the road all she wants. Crazy people all over the world do it, why not her.

    What’s wrong about this is giving her any air time liek she has a legit cause.

    Too bad they edited out the footage right before the interview showing her sucking Helium out of a balloon. Or did she have a gerbil’s vocal chords used in a transplant?

  3. Diogenes, IS a mental patient…or soon to be. Colorado has really become a land of make believe.

  4. So, this chick who wants to walk around topless…if I were to ask her whether or not America has a “rape culture”, what do you suppose the chances are she would say yes?

    I’d guess 100%.

    Which would mean she believes simultaneously that men are running around raping everything they possibly can, AND she wants to be able to conduct her daily activities in such an environment while topless.

    But conservatives are the crazy ones who oppress women.

  5. When Yukon Pet holds me at night, tight, like spoons, and rubs my breasts, gently, lovingly, it is very very sexual.

    Also, it puts me to sleep. …smile… ….Lady in Red

  6. If I want to see a bunch of primitive savages walking around with their breasts sagging down to their navel I will pick up a National Geographic

  7. LIR

    “When Yukon Pet”.

    That’s not a healthy relationship to have with your German Shepard. Just sayen. LOL

  8. Well, my nuts would hang out the sides of the underwear she’s wearing, where’s my rights?

  9. She has a very nice bikini body. If she let her hair grow she’d probably be a knockout. On the other hand, it’s obvious that her brains were in her hair.

  10. Yukon Pet is a man Bad Brad….

    My dog is Myrrhine, a Great Pyrenees, who is outside 24x7x365… Myrrhine guards Good and Evil, sisters, my sheep.

    I have many men, BB. I tend to refer to them all as My Pets. Yukon Pet was my most favorite. ….until recently. ….smile…. We will see.

    …Lady in Red

  11. Again, why is it that the ones we don’t want to see topless are the only ones that want to be seen that way? It’s a cruel thing when the Lena Dunhams of the world demands the right to expose themselves in public, while the Charlize Therons remain tastefully clothed.

  12. I’m sorry, but unless she has recently undergone chemo, there is no excuse for that hairstyle.

  13. Lady, you cannot legislate biology.
    Men (Lazlo included) have no defense against the Boob.
    From the time of the the cave man days until the Sun goes Red Giant,
    Men will have a biological prerogative to look at, covet, admire, get closer, touch, motorboat, rest upon: Boobs belonging to ladies we do not know.
    So if you do ever get your wish, you should take responsibility for all the traffic accidents, and civil disruptions you cause, because there is no legitimate defense for this.
    If you want us not to leer, and covet, then you should first practice and try to change biology in other animals, like:
    Convincing a Salmon not to go upstream.
    Convincing a Bear not to hibernate.
    Convincing a Howler Monkey not to throw feces.
    Convincing a Clam he needs to take in the scenery
    Convincing a Duck he needs to hang around for the summer.
    When you can do these things you might succeed in making men uncaring and uninterested around your exposed boobery, but I think you will fail.
    However, in the name of Science I intend to follow your progress on your quest with interest.

  14. There was this same kind of “movement” ages ago in Rochester, NY for women to be able to walk around topless like men. They were granted their wish. No women have been seen walking around Rochester topless since then.

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