Merry Merry Christmas – IOTW Report

Merry Merry Christmas

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1) Doc (Lacey) our Dalmatian who crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years ago. Her first Christmas waiting for us to put HER presents under the tree.
2) John (Scout) lives in and under the tree. Have stopped trying to stop her. The tree is hers now.
3) Truckbuddy (Sammy) through the glass.
4) Truckbuddy (Sammy) at Tractor Supply with Santa.
5) Beachmom (Kitty) under the tree
6) Old Guy (Violet) in attack mode having just removed an ornament from the tree.

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  • 1-8, Tracking the Wild Critters – Tracks in the snow, sand, dirt, whatever…
  • 1-15, You Better Watch Out – Critters stalking the elusive red dot, each other, or hiding behind things ready to attack you, your shoe or simply a feather. I’m sure you have some of THOSE critters!

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Sammy just broke out a stocking fulla toys, always more great Christmas photos. 👍

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope y’all were good and got the toys you asked Santa for. BTW let’s remember the real reason for Christmas too.✝️

    Special Merry Christmas to Claudia, the Fauna Femme Fabulous! 🎄🧑‍🎄🎅🎄

  2. Merry Christmas everyone and to all the critters here at iotw 🎄🎁

    Hoping your day is filled with love, peace and contentment on this day that Jesus Christ was born 🙂

    Thanks Claudia for all you do 😺

  3. This year they got Friskies cat “pate” out of a can. They’re happy enough with that. Former cats would get a plate of cooked shrimp, tilapia, and salmon every Christmas, but the current two just want Friskies.

    Hard to figure out why a cat would prefer something from a can instead of fresh fish.

  4. Merry Christmas
    O Ho Ho Ho

    An Umma Gumma Now Now

    A Tribute To Marys

    Several Species Grooving w/ Picts
    Bridges and Bats
    Bats, Man
    Warm Soup and Bats
    TX Style


    Mary says “Put a Pillow under their Heads”

    Other Umma Gumma News:
    7455 KAL AN IA NA OLE HY
    WAI KI KI TO H1 +10

    Other Gumma News:
    A Special Audiophile
    For Claudias Critter Club
    About an Hour Long
    A Turkey Yule Logged lasts XMAS
    Not online so that takes time
    Video = 300MB
    Audio @44100 = 100MB
    A HI XMAS 0 Dark Dawn
    Smaller when concentrated.

    Please enjoy a cup of Swiss Miss and Winter Time
    Thank You HI-5 1225 or 616 or 4CT

  5. Joy to the World, Christ, Immanuel- God with us!
    Merry Christmas, iOTWrers, families, friends and our wonderful pet companions.
    BTW, Great festive pet pics, Claudia.


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