Mexico deporting migrants without papers at Guatemala border

FOX: 6,000 Mexican troops have been deployed to choke points on the border with Guatemala to thin out the number of migrants trying to reach the U.S.; William La Jeunesse reports from the scene.

7 Comments on Mexico deporting migrants without papers at Guatemala border

  1. Losers can’t make their own country great again, so they flee to make another country worse again.

    Thanks a lot scumbags!

  2. We are a giving country. We send loads of money to these countries. For decades I have watched as we educate these sh*thole countries elitist’ children in the USA so that they will return to make their countries great. Instead many refuse to return. If they do go back it is to pillage and plunder. Only they can make their countries great.

  3. “Many are too afraid to go home.”

    That’s what they have been coached to say. They are coming for free shit only.

  4. For the ones that do have papers the Mexicans should ask if their destination is the US and if they answer yes then ask to see the US VISA. If they don’t have one, back they go. If the answer is no then ask if they have a Mexican Visa. If they don’t have one then back they go.


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