Miami, Florida: 30K Cars Show Up For “Latino Anti-Communist/Pro-Trump Parade” – IOTW Report

Miami, Florida: 30K Cars Show Up For “Latino Anti-Communist/Pro-Trump Parade”

Geller Report:

VIDEO: 30K Cars Show Up For “Latino Anti-Communist/Pro-Trump Parade” in Downtown Miami, But Joe’s 16 Points Ahead?

President Trump is going to do extremely well with Latino voters, which will guarantee wins in Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. And if you believe the polls that show Trump down by double digits, then you believe Trump will lose at least 45 states. Not gonna happen. Not only can Trump win the thirty states he won in 2016, but he could also flip New Hampshire, Nevada, and Minnesota. more here

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  1. Oh, please. This is just a distraction. The Kalamity-Obiden swing through Nevada and Arizona would have had twice this many people if they were not looking out for the health of the dozens of voters who wanted to express their overwhelming support for “Building Better By Backing Biden.” Several of them were Latinos, including a real Mexican Mariachi band of at least four paid performers. Where were the Cuban Mariachi Marching Bands in Miami? Huh? Cubans don’t do Mariachi? Well, they need to get more Mexicans down there before the election in 21 days.

  2. Only the New Communism of the 21st Century (where deceit, disinformation and preposterous, treacherous propaganda is the new so-called “Truth”) would attempt to tell you that a three car rally is “Winning”… or better yet, an event with Biden-Harris joint appearance in Arizona that draws NO (as in ZERO) spectators!
    Oh yeah, Jackass Joe is lightyears ahead! Riiiiight! Empty shelves, breadlines and re-education camps are in our future with these lying bastards!

  3. We had a local Ride for Trump yesterday and had approx. 400 vehicles. We went 200 miles in 5 hrs and drove thru several small towns and 3 larger towns. Lots of fun!!

  4. Here near Akron, Rubber City (laughable), a lefty friend showed me a Biden campaign sign, the design ripped off from a vintage Goodyear tire advert. The pitch line was “Make it a good year.”

    I asked if that was how long Biden would be president if elected.

    No response.


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