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Now You Tell Us: World Health Organization Now Says Lockdowns Are Bad


Ahh, 2020 you magnificent $%^& *#$% don’t you ever change.

Well, after all the countries made a mad dash to close down their economies and threaten people to stay home or be harassed by the MASK MOB, now comes word that the W.H.O. decides that maybe that wasn’t the best plan?

Ya think!?!?!?!?!

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  1. Democrat governors brainstorming like crazy to come up with new reasons why they can control their minions.

  2. The W.H.O. is not using the right kind of science in this, the Democrat kind of science.

  3. Just another flip-flop by over educated derelicts.

    I hope everyone who said that the W.H.O., the C.D.C. and Fauci ® TM © should be listened too are still listening. They were wrong, again!

    W.H.O. was wrong again!
    C.D.C. was wrong again!
    Fauci was wrong again!
    De Blasio is wrong again!
    Whitmer is wrong again!
    Cuomo is wrong again!
    Newsom is wrong again!
    Murphy is wrong again!
    Biden is wrong again!
    All the lockdown advocates- Wrong!

    I could go on forever… Wrong, wrong, wrong!

  4. It is only so the dems can now say TRUMP was wrong in his response to the “pandemic” since the other “he failed to respond, called it a hoax” meme has not worked.
    The lock down dem govs will now blame TRUMP for their own tyranny.

  5. You know what else they’re all wrong about? MASKS!!! The more often you wear a mask the more likely you are to catch it. They always want to claim they shut it down due to data, they changed their mind on wearing masks due to data. Here is data showing masks make you more likely to catch it, yet they aren’t telling this to the public.

    Straight from the CDC on case patients and control participants.

    Reported wearing of face coverings or masks 14 days before becoming sick.

    3.9% of case patients reported never wearing a mask.
    3.1% of control participants reported never wearing a mask.

    70.6% of case patients reported to always wearing a mask.
    74.2% of control participants reported to always wearing a mask.

    Total numbers for both groups:
    Never wear a mask 3.5%

    Rarely or sometimes 9.6%
    Often or always 86.9%

  6. Chickity – And Tom Wolf!
    Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and California: the Gang of Five that deliberately and intentionally jacked up the COVID mortality rate specifically so that they could blame President Trump for the deaths! This should scare the Hell out of people that these democRATs would stand on the bodies of the elderly for political gain!!

  7. Even N5 masks are reported to be effective for viruses as small as 12 microns. The cv19 virus is reported to be 3 microns. This makes masks as effective as a screen door on a submarine.

  8. WHO is complicit with China in killing our economy. So are many traitors in our government.
    Payback is in order.

  9. I wasn’t expecting that announcement until the election was over.

  10. The lockdowns robbed every one of us of 6+ months of life. That’s 160 million “man years”, or 2 million entire life spans.

    Two million American lives. Throw that on the scale against the number of “deaths with covid”, whatever they say it is.

  11. Mask wearers besides being sheeple are followers and chickenshits.

    Examples: Another of my siblings wears a mask when going to the store because they don’t want anyone to say anything to them.

    An old woman at an auction this weekend: Nobody is wearing a mask, so I guess I’ll take mine off so I won’t be the only one. I’ll probably catch Covid now.
    A family, mom, dad, grown son and daughter. Showed up with a mask, by the end of the auction only the mom still had on a mask. During this time, all of the other three told her nobody else was wearing a mask and they didn’t want people looking at them. Mom, who drove me nuts all during the auction constantly touching crap, then pulling her mask up, pulling her mask down to scratch her nose, then pulling it back up, pulled it down to sneeze and never bothered to cover her sneeze.

    The other day in the store, a grown ass man told me he wished he could be brave like me and not wear a mask. I told him well I’m not scared of a damn virus that when taking out all the bogus deaths is less lethal than the flu. He said he wasn’t scared of the virus and figures the mask will end up making him sick, but he isn’t brave enough for the dirty looks, people yelling at him or being told to leave a store. I caused my daughter to almost fall into the floor laughing when the first thing that popped out of my mouth was, “you need to grow a set of balls, a grown ass man scared of dirty looks.”

    Do the followers ever outgrow high school? When did grown ass men become such chickenshits? Screw all of these mask wearers due to being chickenshits and followers helping to destroy our country. Every day it gets harder and harder to not go off on them.

  12. I’d bet a lot of consistent face mask wearers follow the Biden example, and Remove their mask when they cough.


  14. Sheils,
    Interesting that you come in here hot with bullshit and no explanation or proof for it.
    Routing for clean air and water? LOL
    Oooh you caught us. We’ve been trying to fuck up the planet for decades, but you, YOU figured us out.
    Go kill yourself, stupid. I can’t believe people like you still exist.


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