Michael Avenatti gets slapped by Mollie Hemingway

American Thinker:

You’d think that Michael Avenatti, who’s facing disbarment and 100 years in the can for putting the ‘criminal’ into the phrase ‘criminal lawyer,’ might have better things to do than harass a woman who wrote a book about a political matter.

But sure enough, the creepy porn lawyer was out there on Twitter, trying to troll, his peculiar notion of priorities going into overdrive.

10 Comments on Michael Avenatti gets slapped by Mollie Hemingway

  1. If he keeps this up, the Demographic-Socialist-Reparations-Homosexualiist-Transexualist Party might not beg the Creepy Porn Lawyer to take Our Joey’s place when he is finally forced to leave the Clown Car.

  2. Hey “Mikey”. It becomes harder each & every day for you to create 15 seconds of fame for yourself. You may a well pull an “Epstien” so you won’t have to pay back any of the money you stole or have us taxpayers pay for your support when in prison for umpteen years.

  3. Avenatti…Will die alone…In the Rain….

    With a Chicken stuck to His Dick…Halfway across said Road..

  4. Let me use some PC language approved by SF- as if anyone should care what this soon to be incarcerated person says.

  5. I have to admit I just love how Mollie can in such a calm voice tell someone they are a fucking idiot and make it sound like she just paid them a compliment!

  6. Michael, I know you might have a few holes in your education but your question should be “fewer than…” not “less than…”

    Maybe wordsmithing wasn’t important where you went to law school.

  7. I’ve had to re-evaluate my opinion of the British crackpot David Icke regarding one of his conspiracies. I’m now convinced that Avenatti is one of the lizard people.

  8. Mollie Hemingway is one of the best writers on current events today and a great reporter in general.

    A guy who takes sex in trade for sub par legal advice when he’s not beating his mistress at their love nest funded with money he defrauded from clients might want to learn to shut his mouth.


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