Michael Banberg is Gone

Here are the bans that Bloomberg left behind

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What does the Marxist DeBlasio have in store?

10 Comments on Michael Banberg is Gone

  1. Did I read corrrctly a federal zampolit (MIB, used to be called “judge”) upheld the NY State nazi weapons law BUT overturned the seven round magazine limit?

  2. When do New Yorker’s start reporting to their local Kommissar for shovels and their weekly potato.

  3. Would had a detonated nuclear device been any worse? Sure there would have been lots of death but the misery couldn’t possibly be any worse. NY city should be broken up into it;s original boroughs much like MaBell and Standard Oil. Centralized power is such a good thing, right?

  4. But, it was all worth it! Last year, Bloomberg announced that during his years in office, the life expectancy of New Yorkers rose by three years–owing, of course, to all his magnificent reforms. I had the same gag reflex listening to this as I’d had when Obama was gloating over Osama bin Laden’s demise.

    Isn’t it just peachy that New Yorkers can now enjoy three more years of their miserable existence? Honk if you remember the pre-nanny state years, when New York was actually nicknamed “Fun City.”


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