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  1. “The guy sitting next to me is preaching Buddhism to the barista. I’m about to fire three shots into his belly and watch him slowly bleed to death – all the while assuring him that evil is only an illusion. Ideas have consequences, ladies and gentlemen. Any religion that denies evil facilitates it.”

  2. Arther spooner
    The king of queens.
    He always made this type of comment. Still cracks me up. Comment:
    “I do use glaad wrap,does that mean I’m gay?”

  3. “Being forced at wifepoint to attend a party. Looks like something will ‘disagree’ with me by 10 30.” ~anonymous

  4. “Blondes are never trustworthy, redheads are not reliable and brunettes will always get you in trouble” – Harry Lime

  5. Stolen from FB

    Hey, remember when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went out and adopted all those minority kids, and how the media vilified them? Remember when Sandra Bullock adopted that little black baby, and how the media called her names? Remember Madona being attacked for adopting minority kids? No? Neither do I. But what I do remember is that the liberals at MSNBC went stark raving mad when one of Mitt Romney’s kids adopted a black baby and attacked him relentlessly for it. Once again, the left has clearly illustrated their unabashed hatred for ANYONE on the right, even when a home, and a heart are opened to someone who needs both. I guess it’s alright to, as Merc Lamont Hill said “make a sport” out of attacking someone, not for what they do, but for who they are. God forbid that a child in need is given the gift of a loving family, so long as that particular family is to the right of center. Heaven forbid that a child, a black child, is given the opportunity to know a loving family. Perish the thought that love can conquer all, and that some people see beyond pigment. Damn those who are willing, able, and caring enough to reach out and give to one what other take for granted. How dare an act of kindness, a lifetime of responsibility, a shoulder to cry on, arms to embrace, a smile given to a child who would otherwise be doomed to a life without…damn them if they be a Republican. Just who in the hell do these Romney’s think they are that they can make such a determination without first consulting the masters of the left. Damn them for being decent, loving people. Damn them for not adopting an “Anglo”. I guess it’s hard for the left to understand that there are still some people in this world who act on something OTHER than the polls, people who fill a need regardless of color. Damn You Mitt Romney for breaking that unspoken barrier that the left has worked so tirelessly to construct. On second thought…Bless You Romney family for doing what you do, and for being who you are. I would ask God to damn those who attacked the Romneys’s, but truth be told, they’ve already damned themselves. And as always….0bama sucks. Happy New Year Folks

  6. From the post by AnusPresly: “Blondes are never trustworthy, redheads are not reliable and brunettes will always get you in trouble” – Harry Lime

    My response to this, predicated upon a serious attraction to brunettes.

    Life is short, dead is forever, and there ain’t enough brunettes to go around.

  7. ““Being forced at wifepoint to attend a party. Looks like something will ‘disagree’ with me by 10 30.” ~anonymous”

    @ Beachmom- My favorite so far today. I’d love to see the context but …

    Hope today’s responses don’t turn into a huge bitchfest like yesterday’s did.


    ” You put money in the hands of assholes, and you have a national tragedy.”

    “Somebody loves his country.” (reaction to JFK assassination)

    “A fascist, to a communist, is simply someone who disagrees with him.”

    “You’ll be bused to school in Newark over my dead body.”

    “If RFK is elected president, we’re moving to Australia.”

  9. From the Victory Girls Blog: Becoming We the People Again:

    “I am an American, and I refuse to waste the legacy that was bought with the blood of my forefathers. I believe in self-governance, in life and liberty. I believe in self-sufficiency, independence, and in holding the government within the confines of what the Constitution allows. I am willing to fight and die in this pursuit, and I challenge all of you to search your souls. We cannot change what has happened until now, but we absolutely can change the outcome. We must change it.”

  10. We The Elite People of culture of corruption in ALL of Washington DC haven’t one single clue what, where, how, why and to whom taxpayers hard earned money is being spent on and for what. NOBODY IN WASHINGTON DC ELITE have one iota of a clue what is happening. Here is one, just one, single example:
    December 2013 year end report, read ’em and weep: From the AP, Breitbart and DOA!
    “By its own criteria, the Department of Agricultural wrongly spent $6.2 billion from its various programs including:
    1)the National School Lunch Program ($1.8 billion);
    2) School Breakfast Program ($831 million);
    3) Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Program Fund ($566 million); and
    4)Women, Infants, and Children food program ($198 million).
    This doesn’t include uncovered fraud and corruption in the: 1)SNAP Programs across the country; 2)Fraud in payouts to convicted felons serving time across all America; 3) Payouts to deceased individuals; 4)payouts to means tested seniors with millionaire retirements, and-on-and-on-and-0n.
    This government is the most corrupt and vain bunch of career Elites ever to grace the halls of Congress, Senate, Executive Branches AND Supreme Court. Wiping the slate clean of these scumbags is going to be a yeoman’s effort by Tea Partiers this 2014 mid-term election. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. She’s on life support. Anybody following December 31’s uprisings in Germany? Tea Partiers? firing a shot across communist’s bow? Folks, the push-back has begun even in Italy’s Tea Party. Vote Tea Party.

  11. nyt article of adam liptak of justice roberts lamenting sequestration cuts and its impact on federal courts

    budget cuts had taken a toll and were poised to ” pose a genuine threat to public safety”.

    douche alert.

  12. Hi Yonkers – was your dad Archie Bunker? That would’ve been a fun childhood. Imagine getting common sense before 20…..

  13. Putin vows to “annihilate” terrorists. Go for it Vadimir. Set an example. 50 or 60 at a clip. Show the world how. PS Use bullets dipped in pigshit.

  14. Big Fur, I am not sure if the Best Damn comments rollout is a plus or minus for the blog. To me it detracts from the rest of the blog. It could be the placement of the section. Frankly, I am not a fan of sticky posts for the most part anyway but I can see where they would can be useful in certain cases. Just trying to help. Dan

  15. Ectoplasm is the supposed physical substance that results from psychic intervention, such as when a ghost shows up at a séance. One can’t help thinking that if Obama were ever called forth from the great beyond, the substance would be called egoplasm.

    Burt Prelutsky, Patriot Post

  16. Powerline….Slow Learner comment

    Martin Karo · Top Commenter · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Obama’s lack of experience is only a quarter of his problem. A second quarter is that he doesn’t learn from experience. A third quarter is that his hubris and ideology won’t let him learn from the experience of others. And a fourth quarter is that his policies are so screwed up that they wouldn’t work even if perfectly executed.


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