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Michigan’s First-ever Muslim candidate for Governor comes unglued over question about Sharia

leo hohmann.com:

Abdul al-Sayed to GOP opponent: ‘You may not hate Muslims but Muslims definitely hate you!’

Michigan’s first-ever Muslim candidate for governor, Dr. Abdul al-Sayed, took a shot at fellow gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck on Thursday that some Republicans are saying went below the belt.


Colbeck, speaking at a candidate’s forum in East Lansing, expressed his concerns about Sharia law and the extremist Muslim Brotherhood’s tactic of civilization jihad. Colbeck took exception with an article he says was planted by Sayed supporters in the left-of-center website Buzzfeed,  which painted Colbeck as a fringe extremist using “unfounded conspiracy theories” against Sayed.

Rather than address Colbeck’s concerns, Sayed called Colbeck a racist Islamophobe whom Muslims “definitely hate.”

Sayed, 33, the former public-health director for the city of Detroit, was on stage Thursday at the Michigan Press Association with several other Democrat and Republican candidates for governor running in the Aug. 7 primary.

Sayed refused to answer a question from the moderator about the Islamic legal system known as Sharia, other than to say that, if elected, he would uphold the constitutions of the U.S. and State of Michigan.  more here

SNIP: He lost complete control. If Michigan has any sense left, this fool is toast.

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  1. Good. I am glad they hate that guy. They are racist Islamic hillbillies and need to be deported by the thousands.

  2. My wife and I like to watch Wheel of Fortune and jeopardy. We record it from a Detroit station that shows them starting at 4:00 Pacific time.

    This guy has been advertising. I certainly hope Michigan has more sense than to elect this guy.

  3. It’s a blurb from his web site: LIAR!

    Abdul is called to public service by a core belief in people. He believes that all people can thrive when we value each other and our communities, we seek to protect and defend our vulnerable, and when we create the kinds of opportunities that empower people to dream for a better future.

  4. Lying is an accepted strategy in trying to defeat the enemies of islam so there’s that.

    This guy is as phony as a three dollar bill. He sat there smirking the entire time as if he was excited to use his pre-prepared rant.

  5. @Left Coast Dan May 14, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    > Can anyone actually win solely on the basis of ‘if you don’t vote for me you’re racist!’?

    > I mean after Barry.

    Ask Mitt Romney.

  6. He needed to add the main reason he hates him is he is an infidel. The other political disagreements are just icing on the cake. Leftists cheering this guys intolerant hatred of his Republican opponent don’t get he probably doesn’t think much more of them.

  7. Wasn’t able to watch this at work, only commented on BFH’s commentary. Just watched the video…priceless. That last line was the sound of the Muslim writing his opponent’s campaign commercial for him. Idiot.

  8. “…he would uphold the constitutions of the U.S. and State of Michigan.”

    LIAR. Taqiyya. Untruthful. False. Dishonest. Mendacious. Perfidious. Deceptive. Duplicitous. Crooked. Dissimulating. Double-dealing. Two-faced. Guileful. Underhanded. Disingenuous. Bent. Sneaky. Tricky. Hollow-hearted. EVIL!

  9. @Zonga May 14, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Lib-talk and lib-words abound on this faker’s website: communities, vulnerable, empower, dream.

    I equate those words with liberal ass-holes. They can’t even be original.

  10. Muslim hatred of “unbelievers”
    is as reliable as the sunrise.
    If they are practicing their
    Koran’s instructions it is required.

  11. I dread this upcoming election. First, every other person in the state blames Gov. Snyder (R) for the Flint water problem that clearly was a water works employee screw up and Second, the effing UAW only supports candidates with a (D) after their name regardless as to their ability to do anything useful or not. Now for a tour of Buick City and AC Spark Plug…

  12. Gee Wally, who don’t muzlimz hate???

    I dunno Brave, hatred is the cornerstone of their entire belief system!

  13. Spent this weekend in Traverse City. What a beautiful state. I am from Ohio. Please Michigan don’t make the state like Dearborn.

  14. The U.S. Constitution is the only barrier to stop Sharia law. The two cannot rule side by side. Sharia is illegal and can be crushed and suffocated by its own restrictions, inferior barrbaric sytem of justice and poverty producimg economic toll. Yes, Michigan may be too compromised by a large Islamic population to have the will to reject a jihadist as governor, but they will reap what they sow. Hopefully, Michigan is an isolated infectant.
    BTW, Ditto Claudia.


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