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McConnell whines: President Trump is mean to the Senate

Daily Caller: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has privately asked President Donald Trump to stop lambasting the Senate, arguing it will not help them push the Republican’s agenda and could hurt the upper chamber in the November midterm elections.

McConnell has had a number of private conversations with Trump in which he warned the president about the consequences of publicly attacking the Senate, The Washington Post reports. McConnell told Trump that it is not beneficial to either the chamber or the president if constituents don’t believe electing Republicans will help in passing the policies they want.

The majority leader also requested that the president help him push Republicans who are electable Senate candidates, which has been a problem for the party in a number of special Senate elections over the past year. more here

17 Comments on McConnell whines: President Trump is mean to the Senate

  1. Mitch should worry more about passing legislation he and his chamber PROMISED to pass like repealing ObamaCare instead of who is being mean to them or holding them accountable for their complete incompetence and failure to deliver.

  2. McConnell’s problem is not Trump. McConnell needs to look in the mirror to find his problem.

  3. I say that’s letting them off easy. I’d like to go through there with a horse whip and beat them from one end of the country to the other.

  4. Considering Mitch’s record of success and accomplishments vs. Trump’s, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say maybe Trump should be more mean, not less.

  5. We already know electing Republicans is not going to get us the policies we want. That’s why we elected Trump.

  6. Mean?
    President Trump should quintuple his ‘meanness’
    A ritual ass kicking should happen every Monday and Wednesday, and Friday.
    Then a casual berating on the other days

  7. Trump is mean?
    WHF? FOX: “White House meeting on leaks is leaked to the press.”
    WH staffer made a comment about McCain at a private meeting, and it’s leaked to the press.
    President Trump has a tough row to hoe while dealing with rats and snakes in every corner.

  8. Consider yourself lucky Mitch. If you’d run a corporate subsidiary (like the Senate) under Trump your do-nothing ass would have been shown the door 15 months ago.

    That’s how the outside-the-DC-beltway works.

  9. McTurtle, it’s time for you to retire. NOW!

    If he doesn’t, patriots in Kentucky need to get busy and replace him in 2020 (I think).

  10. Turtles are slow. But giant, single-digit IQ tree sloths hardly ever move. They just rock back and forth looking stupid for hours. I think that fits him.

  11. McCONell has surpassed his ability and competence level to lead any group of 4 coffee clutch members and McDonald’s.

    Kentucky send us a read Senator.


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