Miley Cyrus video is so woke it has insomnia

I guess Miley Cyrus is in the lead for the race to the bottom.

Women’s empowerment, in her world, means lesbian sex, groping your own gaping crotch, showing that your wearing a feminine napkin, rubbing nipples together, chewing gum with braces (??), an androgynous something or other smearing black lipstick, and all this taking place while sitting, defiantly, with your equally defiant mother on a couch.

But this was all small potatoes compared to the centerpiece of this garbled mess of a message – a black transgender slowly spinning around in a powered wheelchair doing nothing but staring vacantly into the camera. We just have to trust that this is somehow empowering women, because that’s what the video says it’s doing.

Nothing says women’s empowerment like a soft-core David Lynch featurette.

Interestingly, I am banned from Youtube, so I am never signed in. Often I am blocked from watching videos because they want me to verify my age. Usually they are police bodycam videos.

There was no such age verification for this video.

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  1. There’s no way I can bring myself to watch. I cringe at the thought of that repulsive little gargoyle.
    It’s easy to envision her as some creation of Satan himself.

  2. I too wish I hadn’t looked – it is so far from my world view I got dizzy and threw up.

  3. It’s a real Freak Show out there!
    The well organized, well funded Left is succeeding at tearing this nation apart thru the dumbing-down and numbing-down the next generation. Getting a Navy Seal, a good engineer or anybody that just think straight out of that gene wading-pool is getting tougher every day!

  4. I thought this was going to be about her expletive laden rant about climate change. “It’s like, fucking on us. We’re the last generation.”

    If the answer to any existential crisis Planet A is facing (there is no Planet B so I’ve heard) is Hannah Montana, I’m absolutely terrified of what the question could be.

  5. Say what you will, but that’s Jamie Foxx in the wheelchair.

    Appropriating the wig of an old white woman, all oppressed down low on the forehead

  6. I pray for people with young
    family’s.Can you imagine your
    13 year old daughter watching
    the chrome plated fangs of the harlots
    privates ??? Some say she was MK ultra
    like many hollywood starlets.

  7. Remember that this descent into pure evil will, like the time of Noah, be right before destruction.

    The Book of Revelations in the Bible foretells this depravity that will occur right before Christ’s return and the Tribulation and His judgement. There is still time to repent.

  8. One part of me says to push the go button, but the other part is telling me that I have the rest of the day to live without nasty images of her running through my brain. Not even a couple of drinks or a hit off a bong would make me enjoy the video. I can only imagine….

  9. A lost little girl. It’s the parents fault. They sold her to Hollyweird when she was a child.

    I’m guessing that she will off herself someday after her celebrity status wanes. If this junk is her expressed art form, it wont be long now. The overdose is coming. Wait for it.

    Oh well, so sad, too bad. Pass the remote, this show is boring.

  10. @ Braden Lynch: Do you think we’ve arrived as a society the way it was during Sodom and Gomorrah. I dunno, I’ve only read about it and don’t know if it really happened or it was a story told to keep people in line. In reading through history, worse things have gone on, and it’s getting a lot worse as humanity sinks to levels where there is no bottom. We’re on our own here destroying ourselves. I often ask how God can continue to let us sink. The answer is, we did it to ourselves. People don’t have hope other than believing Jesus will return. The disciples believed that 3,000 years ago, and here we are today, still believing in something that can’t be changed. You’re a fool to believe otherwise–free will. /just saying

  11. Will make another ten million dollars and go back to the mansion…leaving the dumb ones to buy her filth and remain as dumb as a rock..

  12. Low rent Madonna wannabe. Without the talent. Or looks. She needs to return to wherever it is she disappeared to for the last 5 years.

  13. For the last several years, I’ve been calling her a little shitmeister with an abnormally long and discolored tongue.

    I don’t even know what a shitmeister is, but she is one.


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