‘Milley must resign’: stunned reactions to report that top general secretly circumvented Trump

Just The News: The military community erupted Tuesday in response to reports that Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, held secret phone calls and meetings in a surreptitious effort to sidestep the authority of his then-commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump.

“If this is true GEN Milley must resign,” tweeted Alexander Vindman, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who in 2019 was a key witness against Trump in impeachment hearings.  

Milley’s actions include making secret calls to the chief military officer in Beijing, and summoning top American military officers to a clandestine gathering to demand that they only obey command orders that came through Milley, according to the authors of a forthcoming book. 

The actions are reportedly described in a forthcoming book, “Peril,” by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Milley took the unprecedented actions because he was afraid Trump might launch a nuclear strike, the authors wrote. 

Vindman expressed outrage that Milley directly and independently contacted the foreign military official. more here

SNIP: Hilarious. First, a book directly aimed at Milley is released.
Then Vindman starts trashing Milley.
Keep in mind, none of them gave a shit when Milley was disobeying Trump’s orders when he was in office.
But now? OuTrAgE! Why? Because Milley is probably going to be the one to take the fall for the Afghanistan mess.

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  1. Resign? Ya. That way he gets to keep his pension and not go to Leavenworth for the rest of his life.
    Cuz he’s woke.

  2. He should be hanged first.
    He’s a traitor.
    Plain and simple: He deceived his President (and consequently, the People of the United States, his Sovereign) and Aided and Abetted the Enemy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. He SHOULD be court martialed, reduced in rank, forfeit pension, and do 10 years in Leavenworth.

    He WILL retire with full benefits with the thanks of a grateful nation. Joe will give him another medal.

  4. If Milley did all this to a president who has a cognitive state higher than the smartest of democrat, what is he capable of doing to a C-in-C with the equivalent of pudding for brains?

    What laws has Milley broken in just the last 8 months?

  5. He will remain as Chief of Staff. All Americans should realize that Miley is exactly who the communist death democrats want at the top of the military in order to complete the transformation of it into a force whose primary goal is not to defend us from foreign enemies but to be used as a blunt, brutal force against us as the imposition of a communist totalitarian rule proceeds. Fat Bastard Miley is totally in lockstep with the communist death democrats goal so why would they get rid of him. Miley is not going anywhere and will not be punished for his treason..

  6. “First, a book directly aimed at Milley is released. Then Vindman starts trashing Milley.”

    Wait. Vindman’s new book trashes Milley? Oh, right…you’re talking about Woodward’s new book. I’d be willing to bet that Vindman had nothing but praise for Milley in his book. If so, that second edition—if there is one—is going to have a hell of an edit.

    And once again, it’s shown that it’s hard to be a leftist in good standing: Comey good, Comey bad, Comey Good again…W bad, W good…Milley good, Milley bad, Milley……?

    Hero zero hero zero please try to keep up, lofo.

  7. This helps explain why Robert Woodward hasn’t gotten around to writing his huge book on the Osmidgen Administration’s corruption and that one about the Clintons’ dishonesty. Oh, yeah, that book about Dementia Joe’s dementia has been put off again. There’s simply too much on Woodward’s plate right now dealing with Trump’s attempts to overthrow the government and steal the election. You can’t make this unattributed stuff up, but Woodward has gotten rich doing it for decades.

  8. And let’s be honest here: nothing says surprise attack like calling to say you’ve got a surprise attack coming ala Japan December 6th 1941.

    “Hello? Eat-dog-i-stan Minister? We’re going to conduct a surprise attack next week. Does Tuesday work for you? No? Then perhaps Thursday afternoon…good, good. Let’s pencil that in then shall we.”

  9. Junius, Milleys are a dime a dozen at the Pentagon now. If Milley gets too radioactive, there’s some fierce, butch Lesbian general waiting in the wings to continue the plan.

  10. Look, I think Milley is a piece of shit, but keep in mind this is coming from Bob Woodward so take it with a grain of salt.

  11. Put him on trial in uniform without the decorations like they did the Nazis at Nuremberg. For some reason that makes them look small. You couldn’t demean him more even if he was trotted out there in his skivvies.


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