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Minnesota and Virginia Are in Play


According to [top Trump campaign advisor Chris] LaCivita who cited internal polling, in a matchup between Trump and Biden in Minnesota, the former president led the Democratic incumbent by 3 points (49 to 46 percent). Meanwhile in Virginia, Biden leads only by 4 points against Trump (48 to 44 percent). It is unclear what the margin of error of this internal polling was since Trump aides declined to give the full surveys to NBC News. More

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  1. Hobbs – Arizona, Cooper – North Carolinia, Evers – Wisconsin, all D’s, have vetoed every election integrity bill that was passed by their state legislatures.

    Yes, they are planning to cheat again in 2024.

  2. It wouldn’t matter if Trump had a 20 point lead in a blue state. They’d just count votes for literally weeks until they could manufacture enough fake ballots for Biden to “win”. The Uniparty will flat out steal the next election right out in the open.

  3. The only reason Virginia is “blue” is that the RINOs didn’t abolish mail in voting when they were in power. Now they’re not, because of mail in voting.

  4. Minnesota was the only state that Reagan didn’t carry in his 1984 reelection.

    That’s because the democrats put MN Senator Walter Mondale up against him that year. – Dr. Tar

  5. I think we are being “rope-a-doped” – if Brandon is really that far in the hole he will not be the nominee. Don’t know who it will be or how it will happen but if the cheat is out of reach he will not run. Especially if DJT miraculously has no guilty verdicts – either not guilty or hung juries

  6. There is real Virginia and there is Northern Virginia.
    Real Virginia will vote overwhelmingly for Trump. Deep state NoVa will vote for their gravy train.
    Vote fraud puts a question mark on everything.

  7. @Truckbuddy & PHenry:
    Mail in voting and Northern Virginia federal gubment workers both have an effect on what should be a red state here in Virginia. But, there is also the influx of blue state refugees, escaping the high cost of living, traffic congestion and other aspects of the Yankee lifestyle, moving south to rural and small town Virginia and bringing their politics and attitude with them.

    If we can flip the commonwealth in November, maybe President Trump can deport them north when he sends the illegal immigrants south?

  8. Virginia, maybe.
    But Minnesota?
    They need to visit it for reality check.
    That is before the expected cheating.
    It is a sad thing to watch.
    I blame the spineless Republican party for allowing that to happen.


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