Minnesota Seems to Have “Punt”ed on Their New State Flag Design – IOTW Report

Minnesota Seems to Have “Punt”ed on Their New State Flag Design

“Experts” made their final decision this weekend on the new design for Minnesota’s state flag. Here

Critics have noticed a similarity to a flag flown in the federal member state of Somali, Puntland. Here

Minnesota has the most Somalis of any state in the Union. Here

18 Comments on Minnesota Seems to Have “Punt”ed on Their New State Flag Design

  1. Not only have they adopted a new flag but their legislature just voted to put menstrual products in ALL school bathrooms, boys and girls. What’s going to happen when the Somali flag wavers clash with trannies trying to get their tampons?

  2. Top to bottom: white over green over blue.

    Signifying: Snow on greenery turns to ice. And the sky turns clear revealing the North Star, Polaris.

    Translation: Ice age! 🤣

  3. This surreptitious southwest asian substitution began at the memorial to Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA. Then there’s the whole panoply of woke deletions like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and the Land ‘O Lakes Indian gal. Our culture, pop and serious, is being deliberately deracinated by smug, deceptive assholes who hate everything we stand for.

  4. anon

    The president who spent $xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx of our tax$ bringing them here was BUSH! BHO was just a taxpayer funded”community organizer” hen!


    Worst vote of my life was for that leftist!

  5. Somalia has planted it’s proxy flag in Minnesota. The invasion gains more territory. Also, evidence of planned erasing of the American identity. Native Minnesotans should really be ashamed of themselves for allowing this tyranny.

  6. Sooner or later we’re gonna either have to kill them – or submit.
    Co-existence is impossible with low-IQ in-bred nihilistic totalitarian zealots.
    Once you yield – they push harder.
    Infesting your own house with crazed, vicious rats is NEVER a good idea.

    It was easier to keep them out than it will be getting rid of them.
    We’ve been sold out – and we’ve STILL learned nothing.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Why travel to Mogadishu when you can go to MINNESOTA without a passport.
    Travel Adventure will book you passage to MINNESOTA, but you’ll have to fight your way back home.
    Weapons and ammunition are not provided.

  8. Joepak, I understand. I escaped my home state Illinois, 36 years ago. You’re right, it’s pathetic what the natiive/original residents of leftist run states will tolerate. Good thing there are much better states to move to in this country.

  9. There are only two options when dealing with musloids:
    A.) Contain them, or B.) Exterminate them.
    They’ll not stop until they’re either conquered or killed.

    Israel has given up on A.

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