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Minnesota To Give Bicyclist the “Idaho Stop”

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Finally, the bill makes some legal changes that respond to frequent complaints from cyclists.

It would make Minnesota the 13th state to adopt the Idaho Stop, which allows cyclists in most circumstances to slow down at stop signs and signals and proceed without making a complete stop if it is safe to do so. It clarifies that a cyclist who comes to a right turn lane can proceed straight through the intersection from the left edge of the right turn lane without having to merge into the traffic lane first, as current law states. The bill clarifies how much room drivers must give when passing cyclists from three feet to the greater of three feet or half the width of the vehicle. More

Additional: NHTSA (National Highway and Transportation Safety) has concluded that allowing bicyclist to treat stop signs as yields and stop lights as stop signs is actually safer for the cyclist. I smell an agenda overriding public safety. Here

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  1. The big problem with this is that too many arrogant cyclists already ignore stop signs and lights to the point that they’ll simply ride out in front of motor vehicles while flipping them off.

    And how in the hell am I expected to obey that half-vehicle-width clearance thing? Oh, I know. I’ll take careful measurements and then hang a rubber chicken on a pole the right length duct taped to my roof rack, then drive around for a while whapping cyclists in the back of the head as I adjust that clearance until I just barely miss them. The clearance will then be sort of dialed in.

  2. I gave my bicycle away due to age but I was not in love with cycling anyway. I’m not that old but it just is not something I would ever do on the road where I trust no vehicle drivers around cyclists. It’s bad enough driving a motor vehicle around cyclists. IMO they need to get off the main roads and onto secondary roads and streets.

  3. They are to follow the rules of the road and travel with the flow of traffic, NOT going against the flow of traffic.
    Many of these fools switch back and forth between traffic and pedestrian rules.

  4. Cyclist fatalities have ranged from 600 to 900 a year for decades in the US. They are unpredictable when they don’t follow any laws, or even follow anything approaching customary behavior (other than being entitled pricks), and they get squashed.

  5. I’ve been successfully riding bikes for decades.

  6. Bicycles & “mopeds” should be subject to license and insurance just like everyone else.
    Around here they call mopeds; “liquor sickles”… they get their drivers license revoked for dui, but get to still be a menace on the cheap.

  7. As a driver approaching a crossing with only the intersecting lanes having stop signs. In an “Idaho Stop” state means that you have to watch for any approaching bicycles coming from the intersecting lanes, judge whether the cyclist is actually paying attention to oncoming traffic and determine whether the jerk is going to go racing through the intersection or actually value his or her own life enough to stop at the stop sign. This will be a really enjoyable experience on country roads where these types of intersections aren’t unusual and thru traffic is often at the speed limit or slightly less. Of course, while your trying to gauge the intention of intersecting bicyclist there’s the speeder coming up behind you who’s distracted with his or her smart phone. Somebody’s going to get hit and I’d rather take out the much less dangerous bicycle than the on coming speeding car in my rear. You should have been paying better attention Idaho stopper.

  8. Going to open a wheel rebuilding/clavicle repair shop.

  9. Two standards for using the same road is gonna lead to a lot of injured and dead bicyclists. Which I’m all for, actually.

  10. I was on a committee that recommended that the minimum bike lane was four feet if the parking between the bike lane and curb was 8 feet or greater. If under 8 feet the bike lane must be six feet wide to allow cyclists to pass parked vehicles without risking someone opening a car door and them either striking it or swerving into motor vehicle lanes. The State adopted this Standard. Urban cities could not accommodate this and lobbied to have the Standard changed. Cascade Bicycle Club along with them. Of course, the State changed the Standard. That was it for me. I refused to ever be involved in any such advisory committee in the future.

  11. Cyclists have to be the most hated entity on this site.

    A cyclist blocking their commute for 0.007 femto-seconds would set them off far more than coming home to Barack Hussein Obama balls deep into their wives…

  12. Driving in DC you would gets swarms of cyclists, and mopeds, and asswipe pedestrians. None of them are paying attention, or if they are paying attention they are entitled to not yield to the bigger faster moving thing.

    When I was a child I was taught if I was run over it was my fault.

    That’s the extent of it. Traffic signals don’t stop vehicles. Crosswalks don’t stop vehicles. I rode a bicycle for years in DC and I didn’t get squashed. It was MY job to not get squashed. It wasn’t somebody else’s job to not squash me.

  13. ” Barack Hussein Obama balls deep into their wives…”
    That’s not really how it works. But understanding your history with womemz would explain this comment.
    I live on a narrow, curvy, hilly, old Pony express spur trail. Very narrow A couple bridges built back in the day. If you don’t want me to run your ass down and kick your little ass over on your bike while you’re still clipped in, get the fuck out of the middle of the road, and be careful who you show that middle digit to.

  14. Muslim tranny bicyclists, with BLM shirts, riding 3 abreast, against the flow of traffic, are more hated. But any bicyclist that behaves like he owns the road is easily and appropriately disliked.

  15. So, I pull up to a stop sign, on the bay front, in my truck. Some bucking ficker passes me on the right and runs the stop sign. I take off, pass him honking the horn and cursing him, and he then starts chasing after me, so I slammed on the brakes, and he nearly crashed trying not to rear end me. I waved out the window, and yelled, “Have a nice Day”, and drove off. LOL.

  16. @ Erik the ne’er do well unmasked scumbag

    ” It was MY job to not get squashed.”

    Good for you! I wish all cyclists, bi and motor, had that attitude. Might doesn’t make right but it hurts. I see the bumper sticker “Watch Out For Motorcycles” all the time on cars. I’ve never seen a “Watch Out For Cars” sticker on a motorcycle.

  17. The chances of the Magic Negro ever being balls deep in any wife are -1 million. The chances of Big Mike being balls deep in Jug Ears ass are + 1 million.

  18. Years ago some bicyclist was nudged off an overpass in Rock Creek Park.
    He was struck so many times that the Park Service thought he was a deer (the bicycle flew off into the bushes on impact).

    Choices have consequences – and sometimes bad choices have bad consequences.
    The bridges and overpasses of Rock Creek Park weren’t designed for simultaneous automobile AND bicycle traffic.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  19. “We got the same rights as cars!!”

    We then STOP Godamnit!

  20. Key phrase “if it is safe” – I do ride a bike, and I have never thought that I could beat the 2 ton vehicle through the intersection or hoped that the driver of said vehicle actually saw me or was paying attention.

    Key phrase 2 – Giving the cyclist between 3 feet and half of the width of my vehicle. How is that going to work without illegally crossing the line by the motor vehicle driver and open up further violations?

    I live in the Rocky Mountain foothills. I cannot count the number of times I have been stuck behind 2 – 5 cyclists riding next to each other so they can talk while still moving under the speed limit.

  21. Roger F: “ I cannot count the number of times I have been stuck behind 2 – 5 cyclists riding next to each other so they can talk while still moving under the speed limit.”

    That is now totally legal in Oregon, thanks to the “spandex mafia”. Another reason I left.

  22. “ I cannot count the number of times I have been stuck behind 2 – 5 cyclists riding next to each other so they can talk while still moving under the speed limit.”

    Exactly. Especially when you’re just trying to get home after working a 12 hour day.

    I pay around $650.00 annually for my truck registration, about 18% of what we pay at the pump is suppose to go to maintaining our roads. These guys don’t pay jack shit. I’ve got nothing against bikes or people that ride them, until they start acting like they have more rights than I do. And man some of them have a big time attitude.

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