Missing Marine Found 1,100 Miles Away From Where He Was Last Seen

Epoch Times:

A missing U.S. Marine from California’s Camp Pendleton, who went missing last week, was discovered at a rest stop in Texas on the night of Sept. 21, reports said.

Lance Cpl. Job Wallace, 20, was taken into custody by Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and other law enforcement near Dallas, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper.

NCIS didn’t say why Wallace was there or why he was taken into custody, the report said.

He was last seen at a friend’s home in Surprise, Arizona, and he to head back to Camp Pendleton after a three-day leave.

“We offer our sincere gratitude to the local police departments in Texas and Arizona, as well as our federal partners, for their aid in bringing this to a safe resolution,” Kurt Thomas, special agent in charge of the NCIS Marine Corps West field office, told the newspaper.

Wallace’s parents told 12News that he had a heart for service, adding that his dream was to be a Marine. They said it was out of character to not show up for duty. read more

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  1. Hey pogie, my father and grandfather were marines. Are they dim bulbs? You’d never make it. Any asshole that criticizes another man that steps into the breech can kiss my ass. And fuck the asshole that up voted you.

  2. Hell, I upvoted him…I’m a jarhead myself. Inter-service bantering is normal and often humorous. Lighten up!

    I was in a joint service unit, permanently stationed with members of all four branches. You wouldn’t believe some of the things we called each other.

  3. Then you’re an asshole. Fuck off bitch ass punk. Navy here, and I’d stand up for a marine any time, you, not so much.

  4. My, that *is* severe.

    My son is Naval Special Warfare; I assure you I have the highest regard for him and the rest of the nav.

    You may feel free to continue with your keyboard warrior routine—-I’m not offended. On the contrary, I feel a combination of pity and amusement. Are you perhaps a bit inebriated?

    By the way, it’s customary to capitalize “Marine;” your father and grandfather would have known.

  5. I upvoted Pogie Bait by mistake because I was watching football with one eye. My dad was a Marine Raider and I hope he will forgive me.

  6. The article said he was driving a 2004 explorer. Maybe the dashboard compass was miscalibrated and it led him the wrong way.

  7. The quality of recruit in the US armed forces has gone down the tubes because the quality of young Americans has gone down the tube, thanks to our allowing the left to control our educational systems. We hired and re-hired the Crying Boehners till they gave away everything.

    We only have ourselves to blame.

  8. Conspiracy theories abound and there is good reason. The Deep State recruit persons like the “missing” Marine. Can you say, Lee Harvey Oswald. Certain I’ll be corrected if off base – pun intended.

  9. Something odd about this. A look at his photo and he kinda looks like a fag. Hmmm, that would explain why he headed to Texas!

  10. So the kid is a psycho. 10% of any population, be it Marines, Police officers, Priests, Airline Pilots, TSA ball fondlers, Boy Scouts, Mexicans, Physicians, Cannucks, Humans, etc. ad nauseum. Glad they picked him up before he perpetrated murder.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  11. PHenry types fast. I knew the “Lighten Up Francis” comment would get in here.

    Retired MMC hole snipe and avid persecutor of my great friends in other services…And had to eat soooo much crap when the idiot shipdrivers started ramming into things. Rick, you should quietly look up camaraderie and enjoy your service mates good nature fun.

    Hope he was just UA by bad judgement/circumstance and not rolled.

  12. After reading the real reason why Job Wallace’s arrest was worthy of being reported in the news (“Wallace .. had mentioned on multiple occasions his desire to travel to Mexico to ‘take out’ cartel members and traffickers.”) it reads like a promo for the new Rambo movie, as described at American Thinker.

    “..This current manifestation of the Rambo character … does actually provide an education of a sort. The drug lords of Mexico do kidnap, drug, rape, and traffic young girls. They do it by the many thousands of victimized young girls, snatched from their home villages, never to be returned. Until Trump became president, no one cared about the fate of these girls. Obama encouraged Mexican and Central American parents to send their children here perilously perched on the top of trains, unaccompanied, only to be ravaged on the journey…
    as unoriginal as the formula of Rambo: Last Blood is, … It tells the truth of how the cartels control Mexico, Central America, and how they spread their inhumanity from their part of the world to ours. It is a vicious, brutal, grim story, and it’s true…”

    https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/09/new_emramboem_movie_tells_the_brutal_truth_about_mexico.html .


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