College Puppets, I mean Students, Read From Their Phones When Asking Climate Questions

Who is sending them their marching orders?

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13 Comments on College Puppets, I mean Students, Read From Their Phones When Asking Climate Questions

  1. I have had friends say that Globull Warming, I mean Climate Change, is the most critical concern we face today, more than racism, economy, sexism, pedophilia, child trafficking, anything. Of course they insist that many of those are a result of GW, I mean CC.
    You would think that if someone thought it was such a critical issue they would educate themselves very thoroughly on the subject, and take very significant personal steps themselves toward alleviating their own impact. But nah, they don’t seem to be doing much apart from driving a hybrid or electric car. They think voting for the right people is the key. Oh, and nucular is evil.

  2. If someone is staring at their smart phone when we’re speaking to one another, I simply walk away. Naturally, they think I’m being rude for having done it.

  3. She is NOT viscerally anxious about climate change. She sure is enjoying the spotlight right there. Tell me that her face shows even a “smidgen” of anxiety.

  4. It should help their anxiety knowing that the only solution is for the government to regulate all business out of business, leaving the younger generation poor, broke, homeless, without a future, and dead without healthcare. Either the planet can do that naturally via man made climate change that won’t cost anyone a dime, or the government can do it for us by spending all future dollars.

    And they all vote for government intervention.

    Can’t fix stupid.

  5. They use smartphones like Obama used teleprompters. For all we know, they could be writing their questions down as memo notes to themselves because they’re incapable of thinking on their feet.

  6. The bane of our age; uneducated, do-gooder fools with world access.
    Information without understanding is bad.
    Wrong information without understanding is poison.

  7. I had a liberal tell me how good the economy was under Obama, which I disagreed with. He immediately went to the computer and said “prove it! Show me where it says that!”
    I told him I don’t have to look it up on the internet, I LIVED IT!!
    “Well you’re wrong!”
    I told him “Just because it’s on the computer doesn’t mean it’s right! There is something fundamentally wrong with believing an inanimate source of information rather than the one looking you in the eyes!”
    The problem with Lefties is that their mind is made up and it can’t be changed. I believe democRATs know that and take full advantage of it! The biggest lies go unchallenged if they support their agenda and beliefs. Following the Liberal/Leftist/democRAT agenda is like wearing a hood!
    Let that sink in for a moment…

  8. If they were sincere questions instead of carefully constructed progressive talking points, they wouldn’t need to read them at all. Sorry, but how is this any different than reading from index cards or prepared notes? Seems a lot like Obama and his Teleprompter….


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