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Mitch McConnell is the star of the stupidest show on Earth

Conservative Review:

This election will make or break Steve Bannon!

This election determines the outcome of Trump’s tenure!

This election means the GOP is lost!

This election predicts a wave for the Democrats!

Step right up, ladies and gentleman, the price is zero to watch this nation burn to the ground.

What a circus! Everything to tantalize the senses from hearing the pompous moralites, to witnessing a Goldman Sachs carnival barker, to smelling the odor coming from the trunk-to-tail-linked highest echelons of the Republican Party. Listen to that calliope play!

And sex? We got it. Anything you want, allegations abound, and we can spend months talking about it, putting everyone’s focus on it, tweeting hot takes about it — all to make the race a sideshow about who is more moral and ethical. Because that’s how you put on the stupidest show on earth.

Don’t leave without getting your poster of Bozo the Clown, otherwise known as Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. and his band of goofy, naive, foolish, ignorant, yet still employed pranksters who can always be counted on to repeatedly throw a pie in the face of the American electorate and point the finger at innocent grassroots conservatives.

Yet McConnell and his clowns will continue to tell us how hard Mitch is working to keep his majority. He’s saving the American people from themselves, don’t ya know!

The show is stupid, the show is predictable … and it isn’t funny.

Some are out there asking, “When do you think Mitch and his ilk will realize it’s over for them?”   more here

7 Comments on Mitch McConnell is the star of the stupidest show on Earth

  1. Mitch has proven, again, how he will do anything to maintain his leadership position….even if he has to become the “minority” leader.
    McCONnell and Ryan expressed no hesitation supporting Obama’s agenda. Yet, they have become obstructionists and liars by not supporting President Trump and the American people.

    The only thing that came out McCONnell’s betrayal in Alabama was proving Bannon was correct about McCONnell’s unprincipled, vindictive attempt to maintain the establishment at all costs.

  2. I learned one good thing about the Turtle today.

    Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC, was named chairman this year by Trump. However he was already on the board, as we recall his quite vocal commentary on ‘Net Neutrality’ when it was originally brought up in 2015. He was appointed by 0bama in 2012, and on the recommendation of one Mitch McConnell.

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