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Moderna Has a “Big Demand Problem” With Its COVID Vaccine

Washington Examiner

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel announced his pharmaceutical company is throwing out millions of its COVID-19 vaccines due to a “big demand problem.”

Bancel’s comments came while speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week.

“It’s sad to say I’m in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem,” Bancel said. More

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  1. The lack of demand is very encouraging from my perspective. It means that the sheeple are finally waking up. What worries me now though is what are they putting in the baby formula that is being shipped over here from Europe.

  2. What if they flush this stuff down the drain and it causes mutations in water creatures and microorganisms in the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans?
    You won’t hear one libtard whine about it.

  3. maybe they should go back to the ‘free donut’ bonus
    I don’t know why he is whining. The junglejuice jabs were paid for by the US taxpayers.
    toss them in fauci’s yard
    probably, they need to make room for the next scam

  4. I demand you shove it up your ass.


    After breaking one end of the vial.

    All 30 million doses.


  5. Sorry Dr. Tar, but Fur, who never reads anything I write, closed down the last thread I hijacked even though I don’t recall giving permission.

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  6. Burr, straight up bastard
    MAY 26, 2022 AT 8:31 PM

    …wow, went back and read your late entries on that thread, your Major Dad/Colonel Dad sounds like he was a real force of nature and a great man and Marine. Than you for sharing him with us, him and the smelly exploits of Cartman and Butthead.

    And you win the sheer volume award for Biggest Thread Jack On iOTW too. Even I am humbled by your output.

    God bless you Mr. Burr, you’re a treasure. If you go back to Mexico, please find an Internet portal again, don’t just dump us like last time.

    Heath and happiness to you always,

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  9. “Haitian”

    Great spelling, nicht wahr?

    …guess my spell check isn’t international, and maybe a touch racist…

  10. If i had to analyze that fight, which I have. Plenty of times. This would be my take. Rich big frat boy used to bullying nerds on campus and at his whatever corporate job he now has visits a working class neighborhood that he thinks he’s too good for. Then he meets an actual working class guy.

    The fact that baby huey called the cops is what makes beer can dude such a puss. I’ve had that happen. Just….really? I hit you hard enough to make you call the police after a clear case of mutual combat? Really? Such a wuss move. Unheard of in our world. You takes your beating like a man, which he didn’t, because tears. Or you go home and eat your Wheaties and try again, or you let it go. You got your ass beat for being a dick. But you never, ever. Call the cops. It simply isn’t done.

    In my case no particular alarm bells go off after incidents. Cops check me out. A few watch lists, “known associate of” a couple “member of” One or two possibly hilarious A.K.A.s. No big deal.

    But with Kenny? You ever see those space movies where a ship is being tailed by a couple of enemy fighters and every thing looks good……until they run a background check on the ship and then red lights start flashing and A-oohga! horns start blaring and fricken’ lasers are goin’ off everywhere?

    Every time.

    You know, I’ve never asked him what he was in for. Seems impolite.

    I just know that a few times when he’s CLEARLY been in the right and even when the Police are actually and honest to God apologizing, he’s in the back of the cruiser. Sometimes we go bail him out. Sometimes he’s stubborn and wants to go someplace where he can pick on somebody super no way not his size so jail is the perfect place to go let off some steam.

    He does all my tattoos. He’s had a lot of practice.

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    It’s a small town and eventually I find out Butters knows Kenny. That’s how he got the name Butters. I was telling Kenny about John. And Kenny confused John with Jon and the other John but not big John or bigger John. See, we have a lot of common names around here. So to avoid any future confusion I said, “You know, Butters.” Instant recognition lit up across Kennys face. He knew who I meant.

    So we started dragging Butters along with us. Actually he always was there at social gatherings but was so damn quiet no one noticed. So check this out. After a couple of years of knowing us and then getting named Butters, something happened. Imagine you live in a small town. Whole life spent there. You know everyone. You’re in your assigned social role since forever. But now….he’s introduced as Butters. To the same people he’s always known but the difference was fantastic. It’s just a name. A word. But picture walking into a room and everyone in it shouts your name. Like NORM! from cheers. Except it’s BUTTERS!!!! Hysterical. Plus, it made him visible to the ladies in a way he had never been before. But here’s the neater part. Butters was actually a nice guy, people were lucky to get to meet him. And then….. he’d play the guitar. Like a pro. Chicks were always stunned. “Butters plays guitar!?!?! But I know him!?!?!? He’s really good!!” See, that part was him. The real him that had always been there. They just noticed now. He was genuine. As a person and a knowledgeable musician.


    Dudes married, has a couple of kids. I take zero credit for any and everything he’s accomplished in his life. He’s earned it all by hisself. All I did was call the dude Butters. It was the way he responded to being called Butters that made his life turn around.

    Meh. Being called Butters could have ruined his already fragile life. Either way I could have made a yarn about it. Glad it turned out the way it did. (even in praise, I have to f*ck with the guy. Because….Butters)

  12. Thank the lord Buddah that we’re all alone in here. And by we, I mean me, myself, and I. Shifty, Left Eye and Professor Blank.

    Ending with the Butters story is cool. An uplifting tale of….something. Probably with a positive message about not smoking or the evils of…teen….gingivitis

    But I’m not here to moralize. No moralizer, I. Just the facts. Strict Ernie Pyle life with dogfaces journalism. Not about me. Never has been. Did you know non of my buddies know what I do for a living? No means of visible income, extended trips to probably not a Sandals resort…. None of them have ever asked. Some have seen my comic books. Others, my cars or bikes. Others, completely different stuff. But we all abide by…:hats off, held over heart, faces sunset: “The Code of the West” :guitar strum, distant eagle cry:

    It’s simple politeness. No one asks anyone about personal stuff. Except skirts, or Midwesterners. Southerners ask, but are more sensitive than their norther neighbors, so they quickly get the drift and change the subject. Californians are loud, brash, and clueless. But in general, asking people from the West about themselves is a damn irritant. Wish they made a pest spay for that.

    That’s just a personal aside tween’ you and me.

    Anyway. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us….can’t remember which fag said that. Probably English.
    So use your time wisely, be rebellious, menace…..stuff..possibly small, innocent dogs.

    I’ll see you all back in Bree soon enough. Do get into trouble. It’s good for the soul. Absolutely try stuff I wouldn’t do. Who knows, maybe it’ll work.

    And for heavens sake, if you have a Ring of Power, USE THAT BITCH! It’s like having a fully automatic, belt fed, backpack rig, mini gun. Instead of KAPLOW!KAPLOW! KAPLOW! All gangster style with your 9, you can go wwhhHHSCRBRRRRRRRRRRRT!!!!!! zzzzzzz BBBBRRRRRRTTTT!!! And cut down jungles all Predator style.

    P.P.S. Shenanigans whenever you can.

    As for me, I have business matters to attend to south of the border.


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