Mom Says Son Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria at Maryland Beach

Epoch Times:

Warning: Article contains graphic photos.

[SNIP: They’re not that bad.]

A mother issued a warning after her son contracted flesh-eating bacteria at a Maryland beach.

The Maryland mother, Brittany Carey, posted about the health scare on Facebook on June 29, saying her son returned from a trip to Chesapeake Bay with “little spots developing all over his body.”

The spots, she said, turned into open wounds.

“I had thought he was scratching them, making them worse. Only to find when I picked him up Tuesday they were a lot bigger and a lot more,” she said. Doctors initially told the family that it “was really nothing.”

Then, they allegedly prescribed the boy antibiotics that “only made it worse.”

She then took her son to the hospital days later and discovered her son “now had VIBRIO,” which is “a bacteria found in the bay and also in raw seafood.” read more

5 Comments on Mom Says Son Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria at Maryland Beach

  1. Flesh Eatin’ Bacteria? Y’all sure this is Maryland’s Eastern Shore 🤔 and it ain’t a North Jersey beach?

    After all, everybody knows North Jersey is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  2. Maryland has been demonrat for quite a few years – enough for “flesh eating” bacteria as well as constitution burning politicians to grow.

  3. It’s very unusual to hear of this happening that far north. It had been, up to now a rare occurrence even in the deep south and when it did happen it was from swimming in fresh water lakes with high water temps.
    Weakened immune systems?
    You can expect to hear the cry of global warming any time.

  4. Most likely runoff from Baltimore and Annapolis.
    Two of the greater pestiferous centers on the Easter Seaboard.

    Maryland’s a good place to be FROM.

    izlamo delenda est …


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